Wednesday, July 9, 2008

SYTYCD - Week 5

So You Think You Can Dance had some great performances tonight. Just to repeat ... this is just my personal opinion made BEFORE the judges give their comments and I don't alter what I write after they give their comments. So here goes ...


Chelsie H & Mark - She is H O T and so light on her feet. I wish I had seen more hip shaking from him. Still great chemistry. But, overall I was entertained.

Comfort & Thayne - She has been amazing dancing other styles, but is ws great to see her in her element. She was smokin'! I thought he did good, but the white boy was still showing.

Jessica & Will - He is amazing -- such strength and flexibility. He out shines her every performance. I thought she was good, but there still seems to be something lacking from her.

Courtney G & Gev - I just loved him tonight! She is always wonderful. Great routine, dancing and partnering. They looked gorgeous!

Kherington & Twitch (a.k.a. Twitchington) - DANG! Twitch rocked it, but she totally surprised me. Girl got some gangster in her. I am impressed ... but. what happened to her near the end?

Katee & Joshua - Not my favorite performance of theirs, but I am always impressed by him considering his dance training. She was beautiful.


Chelsie H & Mark - Excellent! So much fun to watch. They were both H O T! Again good chemistry and dancing.

Comfort & Thayne - Beautiful choreography. It was really nice to see him more passionate. She was fluid and strong.

Jessica & Will - Great opening! Probably the second best quick step I have seen on this show (that doesn't say much). There were some great moments and some awkward ones.

Courtney G & Gev - Fun routine. I think they both did good.

Kherington & Twitch (a.k.a. Twitchington) - Intense when the lights were dim, but when the lights came up it didn't seem as good. There was a spark missing.

Katee & Joshua - So that is what Bollywood is. She was wonderful! I saw some Hip Hop in there from him. It was great!


P.S. Is Cat sunburned?

P.S.S. Did some of the costume designers take the night off?

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  1. How have I missed this show? So many bloggers have been talking about it and I LOVE dancing! Slap me, someone, for being so silly! Thanks for the recap!