Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SYTYCD - Week 7

Tonight's So You Think You Can Dance was GREAT! The partnerships were very well matched.

Just to repeat ... this is just my personal opinion made BEFORE the judges give their comments and I don't alter what I write after they give their comments. So here goes ...

Will & Courtney G. - He is a beautiful man. I thought there were some awkward moments, but they were very hot together.

Comfort - Didn't care for her solo ... seemed like there was more "running" across the stage than dance moves or tricks.

Twitch & Katee - Great choreography, great performance, great chemistry! I loved it.

Will - It is so great to see a different personality from him. What a fun solo. It was not what I was expecting from him at all. I just love how he strives to show his versatility.

Mark & Comfort - Duuuude she rocked it. It is great seeing her choreographed - so much better than her solo work. I thought he did really good, but could not keep up with her.

Katee - She is a beautiful dancer, but I feel like I have seen her solo before. That is what made Will's solo fabulous ... we haven't seen him like that before.

Joshua & Chelsie H - I am always so amazed at how light on her feet she looks. He is such a manly dancer that it makes performances like this great to watch. I enjoyed it!

Mark - I liked this solo. The quirkiness is fun and there was some great dance moves.

Will & Courtney G. - I think they are a really good partnership. They have a chemistry that works. The choreography was wonderful. It was compelling to watch.

Chelsie H - Girl's got legs! Happy birthday to her.

Twitch & Katee - What a great performance by both of them! I really enjoyed it.

Joshua - I just adore him. What a great solo!

Courtney G.- Nice solo, but felt that it wasn't her best.

Twitch - What is great about him is that he covered the whole stage while doing tricks and performing. He is the real deal!

Mark & Comfort - I love him in this roll. He embodies a character so well. I thought she did well for such a difficult style. It was ok ... did not dazzle me.

Joshua & Chelsie H - Disco (and quick step) is the death dance of this show. The transitions into dance moves seemed awkward at times, but DANG that lift was impressive! There were some shining parts and looked like they were having fun.


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  1. AnonymousJuly 24, 2008

    I just watched it on TiVo late last night - some incredible performances!!