Sunday, August 3, 2008

fun, sun, and not enough sleep

After another muscle relaxant and anti inflammatory I was ready for my long, activity packed weekend.


I took the day off work and took Little 'Ny to the San Diego Zoo with friends who were visiting from Colorado. Lions and tigers and bears ... OH MY! It was a lot of walking. The kids had a great time, but were pooped out after 5 hours. Click here to see more photos.

monkeying around

But, the kids were not pooped out enough for some early evening swimming at my parents' house. My mom cooked up a delicious meal (of course). When it was time for Little 'Ny and I to head home we were exhausted.


Little 'Ny attended dance class before we headed up to Temecula for a surprise birthday lunch with her Pops (my father-in-law) and that side of the family. Pops was so surprised and had a wonderful time with his kids and grandchildren.

Happy 60th Birthday, Pops!

After lunch we headed over to her Grandma & Grandpa's house for more early evening swimming. Little 'Ny has turned into quite a little mermaid. Swim lessons are really paying off. Grandpa grilled up some hot dogs and burgers for dinner. After dinner Little 'Ny got a chance to drive her Barbie Jeep, played with sidewalk chalk and a new plastic picnic food set. We ended another night with all of us exhausted.


Beach Day! We met up with our friends for some sun and surf. The weather was PERFECT, the kids had a great time together and all the adults got caught up on each other's lives. Little 'Ny still hasn't gotten up the courage to put her feet in the ocean water, but from the looks of it she might take up some kind of surfing.

boogie boarding kids

ready to rip it up

Finally, we headed over to a local park to say "Hi, happy birthday and good bye" to one of Hubs' friends. Little 'Ny had a great time on the swings and slide ...

push me higher, Daddy!

shady slide

... until she had her first "accident" since switching to big girl undies. I raced her back to the car to change her into the back up undies I happened to have packed. In many ways it was good timing on Little 'Ny's part. I was so ready to go home, take a shower and crash out on the sofa from the whirlwind weekend. My neck was aching and in need of some pills TLC.

It was great to spend the quality time as a family, our extended families and friends we hadn't seen in a while. I would do it all over again ... after a quick nap!


  1. Great post. Enjoyed the writing and the photos, really makes the fun times you had come alive :)

  2. Wow that looks like so much fun! My weekends always seem busy but then I have nothing to show for them. I sooo wanna drink beer at the park with you guys! ;-)

  3. Looks like the absolute most perfect summer weekend and like so much fun!

  4. It does sound exhausting. FUN, but exhausting.

    Glad you ALL had fun. :)

  5. What a great weekend. Your little girl is too cute. Don't worry the accidents will become more destructive, ill-timed, and frustrating before they go away forever. Two words: skid mark.

  6. That's some serious hanging on :)

    And some very sweet photos. Looks like a great weekend. Happy WW.

  7. Too much fun!
    I love the attitude in little Ny's eyes..she is so photogenic.

    It's been a million years since I've been to your zoo...I remember though how beautiful it is!

  8. Wow, sounds like a perfect weekend. Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous - I'm really jealous! I want to come live there!

  9. Love the pics, esp the hanging upside down one.