Wednesday, August 6, 2008

SYTYCD - Finale

I have been incredibly excited about tonight's So You Think You Can Dance finale. But, at the same time it is sad for me knowing that this is the end of this season. And, this season delivered. What a crazy top 4 ... two female contemporary dancers and two male hip hop dancers!

So, let's get down to it. For the last time this season ... this is just my personal opinion made BEFORE the judges give their comments and I don't alter what I write after they give their comments. Here goes ...

Courtney & Twitch - Bad ass routine! I loved the energy. I love the attitude. The spin at the end was sick! So well done.

Courtney - She is such a natural dancer. I think she really has grown through the competition. I have always enjoyed her performances.

Joshua & Katee - Always perfection together. I wasn't blowen away by the choreography, but no matter what these two seem to put their all into it with great success.

Courtney & Katee - It was great seeing these two perform together. They are both excellent dancers. But, what this shows is how Courtney has improved vs. Katee who is technically trained.

Twitch - His solo tonight was SICK! He is such a great choreographer of his style. He is an incredible entertainer. I could watch him for hours. I am thrilled that he is in the top 4.

Twitch & Joshua - Excellent display of tricks, strength, power and personality. Joshuas Russian splits ... DANG. Those were unbelievably high. Twitch's thighs must be burning. Now, that was fun to watch!

Katee - I didn't like her at first because of what happened in Las Vegas, but this girl can dance. She has proven herself. From the first performance I knew she would be in the finale.

Katee & Twitch - Great opening choreography! It showed so much personality and allowed them to use their strengths. Beautiful lift ... strong and graceful. Best fox trot I have seen on this show hands down.

Joshua - He always surprises me ... I don't know why. From his appearance alone I would never thought he was a dancer. But, the boy can move. There is no doubt about that.

Courtney & Joshua - I thought they danced it really, really well! That was incredible energy. That last trick Joshua did ... um, WOW!

Top 4 - I want to know how Mia Michaels comes up with this stuff?!?!?! That was a wonderful performance even though you could see how exhausted they all were. They were not synchonized at times, but considering Mia Michaels that might have been on purpose. Who knows. Overall, very entertaining.


My prediction of who will win:
Joshua ... he has been my favorite since the auditions.

Tell me who you predict will win?


  1. It's my first season to watch. For some reason, I don't think it's quite fair to choose btwn a girl and a boy for the winner. Not sure why. Guess the styles are so different, how do you pick who's better?

    I like Twitch, but considering how popular Joshua is, he could win too.

    Has a girl won yet? Haven't looked back....

  2. That Josh guy seems so moody to me. And I love the first girls hair.

  3. LOVED Josh the whole season and screamed when he won!