Thursday, August 28, 2008

it's a bird ... it's a plane ...

it's Super Puppy Princess!

super puppy princess

My mom got inspired to make this adorable cape when I told her about Little 'Ny's new identity and showed her a cape I had found in the Chasing Fireflies catalog. Little 'Ny has a great time pretending to fly around the room.


  1. Oh My Gosh. Is your mom adopting? Cuz Isobel is. So cute.

  2. What a beautiful cape!! Your mom has talent!

    And the look on their faces is just perfectly priceless. This is a wonderful picture. Print and frame girl. Do it.

  3. Your mom made that?
    It's really nice! :D Little 'Ny must be so happy. What a great moment.

  4. Aw, that's so adorable! Bet she just loves it - so fun!

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    Too cute!

  6. Oh my goodness! SO adorable!!! Has she let you take it off yet?