Thursday, August 21, 2008

lunch date

Today I had lunch with one of my favorite people in the world and her two little boys - Little Miss MEL.


We met in 2002 when working for the same company in San Francisco. The minute I met her I knew she is good people. We had both just gotten married, our husbands are both into the music scene, and we had similar views on life. In 2003 she and her husband moved down to LA and Hubs and I moved down here. My parents were still living in LA, so I got to see Little Miss MEL every few months. We both got pregnant around the same time and of course we shared our pregnancy progress. Eventually her and her husband moved to Northern California, but every time she came down with her husband while he was here on business we would get together for some good food and even better conversation.

So, when she IM'ed me last week to let me know she was going to be in town I cleared my calendar for lunch with her and the boys a P.F. Chang's.

brotherly love

As expected our visit was awesome -- jam packed with talk about parenting, shopping, husbands and (of course) blogging! Rt was so well behaved and little Hola was just adorable. Oh, and the food was yummy too! I can't wait for our next visit.


  1. Old friends are the best. It looks like you had a great time.

  2. little miss melAugust 22, 2008

    Yes, darling. It WAS lovely. Such a pleasure seeing you and such a wonderful FRIEND you are. You literally fixed me a lettuce wrap when my hands were full. THANK YOU for spending the afternoon with us.

    And, I wish I had today's hair for yesterday's visit. It looks so much better today. (I washed it. hehe)

  3. Sounds like fun times! It's nice having a friend like that, and I'm glad you got the chance to hang out together.

  4. So cool to have friends you can keep up with despite geography. Looks like a fun afternoon.

    I was scrounging through the archives to find a photo suitable for the Ruby Tuesday meme and found one that reminded me of you. You'll understand why when you see it.

  5. It's not as easy to tell as I thought it was from the photo, but the car is more than just your shade, it's a Lotus. A Lotus Elise (a red Lotus... get it? nevermind...)