Tuesday, August 12, 2008

word of mom: organic solutions for eczema

Growing up I struggled with eczema in the typical "hot spots" -- inner elbows, inner knees, neck and the corners of my mouth. In college it showed up on my earlobes during finals. When I turned 23 my skin seemed to finally calm down. I was seeing a dermatologist and esthetician monthly and got my acne and eczema under control.

Then Little 'Ny came along. Money that once went to my esthetician now goes to her school. Stress has increased thanks to work and finances. My regular 10 hours of sleep has been decreased to an average of 6 hours a night.

In February my skin let me know that I am neglecting it with a major eczema flare up in the corner of my eyes and all around my mouth. I saw my internal medicine doctor, my allergist, my dermatologist and all of them said ... STOP SCRATCHING and sent me home with a tube of cortisone. Well, it worked for 3 days. As soon as I stop using the cream the eczema flares back up and I am back to scratching. I have been unable to wear make up and hide behind large sunglasses when I can. The stress of having eczema on my face simply adds to the problem.

Then a friend told me about Neem and Turmeric. I had never heard of either of these, but was desperate to find anything that would help me. So, I headed to Sprouts and grabbed the first person I could find in the health aisle. She handed me these products:

As soon as I started using these things my skin condition improved ... quickly. But, when I ran out of these products and my eczema returned ... quickly. I have always wanted to rely less on modern medicine and turn to more natural, Ayurveda remedies. These two products have proven to me that this is the best choice.

So tell me have you every tried these products and what did you think of them? Do you have any other recommendations for me if you also suffer from eczema?


  1. I'm not sure where I heard this (maybe news?, a dr.?, not sure) but I hear Crisco does the trick.

  2. Neem totally cured the eczema I'd had for 4 years; it's an amazing cure-all for skin problems; acne, rashes, poison ivy, chemotherapy burns, sunburns, you name it. Also, gets rid of LICE (eeek!) according to my customers.

    Thera-neem (the brand you have a photo of) also has the pure oil, soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion. It's FABULOUS stuff!