Sunday, November 16, 2008

NaBloPoMo 16: My Little Big Girl

On Monday (when it felt like fall) I pulled a pair of my daughter's jeans out of her dresser. It has been since April since she has worn them, but they are already an inch too short. I pulled out another pair of pants I remember were an inch too long when I last put them on her and they were too short too. Her t-shirts she hasn't worn since Spring no longer fit. Her favorite pair of shoes are too small. When did this happen?

growing up

When you call her "baby" or "little" she quickly corrects you saying she is "big girl". She like to compare how tall she is when you are sitting down. And, lately she has been telling me that she is too big for her car seat.

It was a shock when she moved from baby to toddler, but this transition from toddler to kid is even more shocking. Potty training was so gradual, but now she doesn't even want me to help her in the potty (even though she still really does need me to). She is officially a little kid ... but, not according to her. According to her she is a BIG KID. She loves to be the helper in her class. She is jumping from the side of the pool in swim lessons. She is one of the best students in her dance class.

third position pliƩ

So, I am thinking of a new name for her ... what do you all think of Princess D?

Princess D


  1. Isobel suggests Princess Pretty. Kids. Always telling the truth and stuff.

  2. I'm down for Princess D. We princess' like to stick together.

    Gawd. She is so dang cute.

  3. Hi RLM, My fellow Madonna lover,
    I can totally relate to the jean thing. My 2 yr old hasn't worn jeans since April either and now they're all to small. Just had a ball at the Gap Outlet today buying winter stuff in the next size up. :) And I love the tutu and princess outfits.

  4. I hear ya, my friend. They think they're ready to drive, when they really still need help wiping their tushies! Boo put on a pair of her school sweatpants the other day and they were halfway up her calves! Can you say "growth spurt"?