Saturday, November 15, 2008

NaBloPoMo 15: Second Self

Little 'Ny is incredibly imaginative. For months she would pretend she was a puppy - barking, doing tricks for treats, crawling around on her hands and knees. She gave herself the name "Super Puppy Princess". Luckily she only did this in front of people she felt totally comfortable with.

When we were in Maui she would pretend that she was Princess Aurora and would quickly correct us if we didn't call her by that name.

Yesterday she started pretending she was a cat - meowing so much I started considering on making her an outdoor cat! Her alter egos are hilarious and I can foresee my future of watching her as lead in school plays. As an only child her alter egos keep her very entertained ... and entertaining!

Not that long ago Beyonce announced her alter ego Sasha Fierce. This alter ego helps her take more risks and become someone she isn't. I became intrigued by this concept. So, I started thinking about my alter ego. Here is what I came up with:

Introducing Gemma Monroe. A 34 years old uber fashionista. Travels to LA, New York, Paris and Milan for fashion weeks and fabulously glamorous parties. Daily accessories include Channel sunglasses, Manolo Blahnik black sling backs, Louis Vuitton purse and a CrackBerry. Meals are eaten out and always paired with a glass of champagne.

Why is this my alter ego? Because she is the exact opposite of who I am ... a single mom who barely goes anywhere and who's daily attire is made up of yoga pants and tank tops. Oh, but, I do have a pink CrackBerry! Maybe if I can channel my alter ego a little more I might get the courage to put on lipstick!

Now tell me ... do you have an alter ego?


  1. Okay. I SO need an alter ego. Hmmm. Um... Well.

    I've got nothing.

  2. Just out meeting NaBloPoMo participants and wanted to say hi! I am trying to become my alter ego, but she's much more fun than the current self.

    Good luck on the rest of the month!

    Cheers! Giyen

  3. I can't believe I haven't been here before....In my reader now!

    Alter ego....hmmm....people say I look like Spiderman(Tobey Maguire) so I'll say I'm Spiderman until I can come up with something better.

  4. Boo loves to play dog. Her bark sounds like a chihuahua on crack and makes my ears bleed.

    Hmmm, alter ego? Well, I'm a nun in a full habit, iron rosary, pacing the halls with a wooden ruler. Oh wait. that's and ALTAR ego.

  5. I would have to say mine can take off at the drop of a hat to visit exotic locations and do lots of camping.

  6. And I have fabulous hair all the while! ;-)