Friday, November 14, 2008

NaBloPoMo 14: Ten Little Things

I love the movie Sound of Music. I remember when I was a kid my mom would let me stay up to watch it when it would be aired on TV, even if it was on a week night. I have all of the songs memorized and even to this day I get excited to watch it when it is on. Do you remember the song "Favorite Things"? It has such a great message ... focus on the smaller pleasures in life and it will make the larger issue at hand seem less sad.

Recently one of my favorite bloggers, Huckdoll, wrote a post about simple pleasures. It got me thinking about what simple things make me happy ...

* hearing my daughter say "I love you, Mama" in her sleepy little voice at bedtime

* when the barista at my local Starbucks welcomes me by my name and knows my favorite coffee

* applying a delicious lib balm

* finding a great parking spot waiting for me when I pull up to my office building

* feeling the warm sunlight pouring in through my office window (since it is always cold in there)

* getting a card in the mail from a friend who thought of me when he/she read it

* my Dogeared New Beginnings Make a Wish necklace

* a just out of the oven warm french roll with butter

* a Godiva milk chocolate truffle

* capturing the perfect photo with my new Nikon D60

Life is filled with these simple pleasures we just need to take the time to remember them. Huckdoll helped me to remember some of mine during a very sad time for me and guess what ... thinking of each one of these made me smile. So, I think we should keep this going. Submit a comment on this post telling me 10 simple things that bring a smile to your face. Or, create your own 10 Little Things post of your own with a link to me, then leave a comment on my post linking to your post. Let's make life a little happier one post at a time!


  1. So awesome. LOVE you!

    Here's mine!

  2. I had done mine before Miss linked to yours, but my chosen topic is very close to yours. Enjoy!

  3. This made me smile too.

    I'll post mine up another day ... gotta line it up for NaBloPoMo..

    have a great weekend sweetie...

  4. Wonderful list :)

    Thank you for sharing it. Now to think of 10...

  5. This kind of post makes me happy, reading and doing...thanks!

  6. I'm so going to do this tonight. PS. Starbucks knowing my drink and mine and Isobel's names? Gold.

  7. I love my Nikon D60. It would definitely make my top ten list too!

  8. Love the list...may have to do it...

  9. I was JUST thinking about doing the very same thing. Tomorrow perhaps.

    Great list. Thanks for sharing it.


  10. Great idea missy ;)

    Here's mine:

    -- cat