Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NaBloPoMo 18: BlogHer '09 or Bust

Most of my friends think of a weekend getaway as a spa trip, cocktails on a beach in Mexico or wine tasting in Napa. Me ... I want to have a weekend getaway focusing on my "night job".

I have been a member of BlogHer for a little over a year. I joined around the time the third annual conference was taking place. It sounded like a great opportunity, but I was so new to the BlogHer community I didn't think I should to go. Then last year the fourth annual conference was practically in my back yard. But, finances were tough and I didn't feel comfortable leaving Princess D for that long, so it felt irresponsible for me to go. But, after seeing the pictures and hearing the stories I knew I had to be at "BlogHer '09.

This upcoming year my life will be different. I have control of my budget and am going to set aside some money every paycheck. I won't feel guilty about setting time aside for me. Plus, I have a lot of new blogging friends I really want to meet face to face. This time I am going to be there!

Miss and I hope to catch a flight together. Prices are not too bad, but right now $300 bucks for me might as well be $1M, so if you have any NWA miles you need to get rid of before the airlines gets rid of them for you please let me know.

Then there is the cost of the hotel. Miss and I plan on bunking up with Zoeyjane to cut down on some cost, but finding a 4th roommate would make a difference.

I am trying to find ways to get us full access to the conference for little to no cost, so please suggest us as panelists.

Let's not forget that I will need money for food and drinks. I will need to bring some sort of calling card to hand out like candy on Halloween. And, I will need a second flash card (you all know I will have my D60 in one hand and a cocktail in the other).

So, I am open for donations! Help me get to:

I'm Going to BlogHer '09


  1. Let's have a carwash! Think we'd make any money??

  2. You best be going - I'm am and you need to rub up on me.

  3. Can I be a roommate? I promise to try not to fart too often. I won;t go to the conference, but I'll make sure the room gets straightened every day...how bout that? ;)

  4. Maybe WHITE teeshirts at the carwash?