Sunday, November 2, 2008

NaBloPoMo 2: Like the Wind

Thursday we had planned on driving up to Haleakala National Park then head over to Hookipa Beach so that Little 'Ny could play in the ocean again. We woke up to the trade winds blowing and clouds moving across the sky like they were in a race.

The drive to Haleakala is not easy. About 100 hairpin turns climbing 10,000 feet to the top. I typically get queasy on drives like this, but I was not expecting Little 'Ny to. On the drive to the bottom of the she was snaking away like usual. After roughly 1/3 of the way up the hill and 30 hairpin turns Little 'Ny's started complaining that her throat hurt ... after I gave her a sippy of milk she got groggy ... then her eyes started rolling around ... then she started coughing ... then I grabbed the closest bag I could find ... then the threw up. Luckily I had gotten the bag under her chin fast enough to prevent a mess. I told my dad to find a way to turn the car around. Fifteen minutes later we found a roadside stand.

on the way to Haleakala

We stopped to clean up Little 'Ny, purchase her some 7-Up and get some fresh air. The owner of the stand directed us to the Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm.

Ali'i Kula Lavender

french lavender

It is a wonderful place. The fresh air, the scent of lavender, the beautiful scenery ... it was so refreshing. Little 'Ny got to run along the paths and learn about the plants. I couldn't have asked for a better alternative to Haleakala.


After our visit to the lavender farm we headed over to Hookipa Beach in Paia. Little 'Ny had such a good time playing in the water there I wanted her to get another chance. But, the winds were so strong causing the waves to be bigger and rougher. Our peaceful little cove was everything but that.

rocky waters

Instead of going in the water we hunted for seashells. Little 'Ny had so much fun running around the beach, digging in the sand and trying to avoid the water. After a couple of hours we were totally wind blown, dusted in salt from the ocean air and satisfied with our bucket full of little shells.

Life doesn't always want to follow your agenda, but if you see the change as an opportunity for something else you might find something just as beautiful and special as what you had planned on.


  1. Wonderful time it seems to have turned out to be :)

  2. Lavender...oooooh..purr.

  3. Poor baby. Seems like everything worked out even better in the end though.