Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NaBloPoMo 25: Operation Snore No More

Princess D snores. Loudly.

Since she turned 18 months (when she started daycare) she had problems with her sinuses. Severe congestion, sinus infections, (skip this next point if you don't like gross details) mucus backing up and out of her eyes. After numerous trips to see her pediatrician she suggested I take the Princess to see a pediatric ear, nose and throat specialist.

So, earlier this year we saw a Pediatric EMT. He confirmed what I had already expected ... her adenoids are very large, but not large enough that she HAD to have them removed ... yet. He told me to monitor her breathing at night for signs of sleep apnea or if her appetite and energy decreased. For some reason after we saw him her snoring miraculously went away. It was like she grew into her adenoids.

Then about three weeks ago her snoring came back with a vengeance. She is having pauses in her breathing at night. She is waking up tired and congested. Even during the day I can hear her breathing through her mouth. Since she is only 3 years old I really don't want her to go under the knife unless I am unable to find another solution.

So last night I busted out all of the over the counter remedies: cold mist humidifier, vapor plugin, allergy pill, nose spray, replaced her lactose free milk with soy milk, and introduced the nasal strip for kids:

sleepy head

I thought she would fight me tooth and nail when I tried to put this on her, but when I said it would help her breath at night she consented. This morning she woke up at her normal time in her own bed and rested. When I asked her if she slept alright she said she did and wanted to wear the nasal strip to school! She didn't, but I will probably bring some for her to wear at nap time.

Hopefully this will help us avoid a real operation and that she grows into her adenoids again. For her sake I hope she grows into her adenoids before sleep overs and slumber parties become a part of her social life! For now my Princess looks pretty darn cute and is sleeping quietly.


  1. Thats awesome! I didn't know they had versions for kids. Wonder if I could get away with wearing one when I play hockey? Hmmm....

  2. Well, I'm glad to hear she got a good night's sleep! But that is the CUTEST picture EVER!

  3. Okay.. like the others said.. that really is such a CUTE picture!! Here's to a good nights sleep!!

  4. Major cuteness! My 4yo may have to have hers out - history of ear infections, tubes, snoring, trouble hearing, etc. *le sigh* I hope you don't have to go through it!

  5. I only wish convincing my husband to wear one of those strips would be so easy...ack.

  6. What a sweetie. I should totally get these for the kid. He snores. Loud. Always has.

  7. Yeah, I might look into them for Isobel, too. The snoring is getting LOUD, lately, even though she doesn't seem congested. How does she like the soy milk?

  8. A very cute photo :)

    As someone with sleep apnea, it's good to hear the strip is helping her. Very good.

    It's great she wants the wear it :)

    Good Luck!