Monday, November 24, 2008

NaBloPoMo 24: Stimulation

Last year I found NaBloPoMo painfully agonizing some days. I had no clue of what to write or what people wanted to read. This year NaBloPoMo has been a different experience for me. I seem to have had a lot to say. I mentioned in yesterday's post that I want to increase my number of visits and subscribers. The fact is since last year my visits have tripled. Seems like what I have been writing is interesting to people.

For me (and many other bloggers) writing requires inspiration along with creativity. Being forced to write can stifle one's inspiration. Sometimes I have a brilliant idea, but when I sit down with my laptop I can't formulate how to put my idea into a readable post. Then I end up writing completely uninteresting or just not post at all.

What is even harder is that inspiration comes to me at inopportune times. I have found myself standing in the shower scribbling madly on the wall with Princess D's bathtub crayons. I often get inspired while driving to work and I am forced to quickly scribble down some key words that will jog my memory on a post it note at the first stop light when I get off the freeway. Sometimes inspiration hits me in the in the middle of a client call which is the hardest because I can't say "can you hold on while I jot down an idea for my blog before I forget." The great thing is that inspiration seems to be finding me more often.

What inspires me ... my kid (of course), this new process of self discovery and search for spirituality, conversations with good friends (Zoeyjane is officially my muse), things I hear about in the news that relate to my life, a perfect song, a good commercial, a really good glass of wine, or a really great photo.


Inspiration requires fresh air and an open heart. Must be why this month has gone much easier than I expected it to. So, tell me what inspires you?


  1. Aw. xo.

    Music, books, other people's posts. Literally everything inspires, but I'm not the scribbling at the tiles girl - I'm the stop driving and blog from the blackberry-type. It's a good thing I don't have one - I'd totally get into car accidents and get fired for being late at work all the time.

  2. Please tell me you did NOT just take that photo. Please. I will hunt you down and send you back to my house while I stay there.

  3. I agree that last year's NaBloPoMo was agonizing, especially compared to the fun of the first year. I didn't have much to say AND I was busy at home, plus I totally didn't understand how to leverage the Ning network to my advantage.

    This year is so much more fun. Though it's not the hit-palooza of the first go-round, I'm having an easier time of expressing myself and I'm finding some quality reads and friends.

    I'm the king of inspiration at off-moments (mostly in elevators), but I cannot top you in the shower scribbling with washable crayons - the crayons may be washable, but the image is indelible :)

    I've been finding inspiration in living my life more actively - not in regards to exercise, but in being more engaged and appreciative in what I'm doing every day. That's not so different from your kid, I suppose? It turns out that I live a pretty thrilling life when I take the time to experience and examine it, and that gives me more reason to share with my readers - even if what I'm sharing is it a little inane.

  4. Your blog has become something of an art form. It's really become YOU in the last few months and that is what will draw people here. *smooch*

  5. Inspiration for a story will come at any time. Most will be forgotten but the best are the ones when you just sit and let your heart and brain spew whats troubling them at the moment.

  6. I'm usually inspired by the soap opera that is my life. My writing is a way to release. I'm a think out loud kind of girl (I know, shocker, eh?) so putting it out there helps me make sense of it all and takes the edge off.