Monday, December 22, 2008

Alchemy Boutique

I come from a family of incredibly artistic women. My cousin Christine is the talent behind the Alchemy Boutique jewelry.

Mama & Tina

Last year she was published in Creating Keepsakes and has started creating handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry with vintage pieces, semi-precious stones, sterling silver, and religious symbols. Check out this beautiful necklace she made for me ...

live your heart's passion necklace

stronger charm

She is having a sale on her site. So, if you are looking for some beautiful handmade jewelry please check her out.

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  1. ohhhh.. I love it.. I am off to check the site out.. :)

    ps.. great picture!

  2. Wow - gorgeous jewelry. I'd love to have a piece. You should do a giveaway after the holidays!

  3. That is one gorgeous necklace. And I don't even love jewelry, like most girls!

  4. Her jewelry is so beautiful!! Hopefully when I start working again, I'll save up enough to buy a piece!

  5. Hi Nicole! I had a great time at the X-mas party and spending some time with you! You are so sweet to post us on your blog- thanks so much! Hope you had a warm and wonderful Christmas...
    Xoxo- Tina