Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Resolutions for the New Year

Since 2005 (when Princess D was born and I turned 30) this has been the most life altering year I have ever experienced. Work was overwhelming and my world as I knew it came crashing down around me. I discovered the most important thing (besides my daughter and my parents) was my strength. Mother Theresa once said "I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much."

2009 will be the year I start handling my life. I am going to bring everything to ground zero so that I can build the life I always dreamed of for me and my daughter. I will be in control of my own happiness and not depend on someone to make me happy. I will create a foundation made of bricks instead of quick sand.

Here are my resolutions for 2009:


Due to the anxiety at the end of August I lost 13 lbs in 2 weeks. It was not a healthy way to lose those unwanted pounds, but none the less they never came back. So, this time I am going to lose the last 14 lbs I have been meaning to in a healthier way.

I am going to start by replacing my daily beloved Non-fat Caramel Latte with Bigelow Earl Grey Green Tea and Yogi Tea Detox. Of course I will treat myself if, and only if, my Starbucks card has funds in it (to give me a treat reload my card: 6042420778052023).

I will start attending the yoga class my office gym provides. My goal is to go 3 days a week.

I read an article by Gabrielle Reece on Modern Mom that really made sense to me. I plan on following her advice as much as possible, but the one that I am really going to focus on is eating something green with every meal.

Lastly, I am going to get more sleep. Lights out, computer turned off and TV off by midnight every night. Now, I know some of you are shocked that I am saying "midnight," but what I am saying is that I will try to go to sleep earlier than that and I WILL NOT stay up past that no matter what I am doing.

To help me just start these goals I am going to participate in the Modern Mom Challenge and I think you should join me!


This year I simply want to get to a point where I am breaking even instead of drowning in my debt. I want to live just above paycheck to paycheck instead of needing extra money from my parents every month for groceries or gas.

I will update my budget and review my spending weekly.


I love my job and don't see myself making any drastic changes this year. I do want to get my PMI certification, but it will probably not happen this year. My goal is to set aside an hour a week of preparing and studying for the exam.

Writing has always been a hobby, but recently it has become a small form of income which makes it the BEST job! To keep the momentum of my writing going I will attend BlogHer '09 and I will launch my super secret project.


There is nothing more important to me than my daughter. I will make it a priority to balance my time with Princess D and my working time. To stick to routines to give her balance. To turn the TV off more, spend more time outside, feed her natural foods and continue to incourage her imagination and exposing her to educational experiences.

I will continue to practice what I learn from The Parent's Tao Te Ching

I will get her ready to move from her current learning center to the unified school district. I pay enough in taxes for it that I might as well use it!

The Princess has said that she will give up her "ba ba" when she turns 4 in July ... that will probably be the hardest resolution out of all of these!


I want to change my home into a sanctuary of energizing calm and organization instead of the clutter and chaos it has been.

Rework my home loan to fit my financial limitations.

End each day with a clean sink and things put back in their place.


I will take care of my appearance: monthly waxing/threading, bi-monthly pedicure and actually getting my hair done every 3 months (instead of every 6 months).

I will continue my weekly therapy and attending my support group.

I will spend quality time with my family and friends (IRL and virtual).

I will continue to write from the heart ... saying it straight, simple and with a smile.

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly. ~ Buddha

into the sunset


My dear friend Boss Sanders has been featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Resolution: 101 Stories...Great Ideas for Your Mind, Body, and ...Wallet. She is giving away a copy of the book. Check out her site to enter to win.

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  1. Your list is so all around complete. It's fantastic. Knowing what I know about you, you will apply all of these resolutions and make them just as much a part of your every day as eating and breathing. I admire you so much for that.

    xo. Love you babe.

  2. I too am embarking on a new year with change for the better. I am beginning a new career, a new lifestyle. I have to figure out ways to adjust to the changes coming. I need to figure out how to adjust my children. I joined you at the Modern Mom Challenge. I am ready. I also like It is helping me keep my health in order. Good luck in 2009!

  3. A good list, thank you for sharing it.

    I hope 2009 is better then 2008 was for you.

    On a side note; when I tried to treat you on the starbucks card; it ask for a PIN.

  4. Thanks, Nethead! I have fixed the Starbucks reload card link. It should have been:

  5. I love your list! Love it!

  6. So holistic - I love it. You tell me how I can help, or at the very least, not hinder, and I will watch from the sidelines, cheering you on.

    Here's the the best, most changing New Year, ever! xo

  7. Wow...I thought asking for people to put money on your Starbucks card was a joke...but there really is a link...interesting, I guess.

  8. <3 If I had any extra finances right now I'd so put money on your Starbucks card. LOL Everyone needs tea (or soy)!

  9. Dear Anonymous,

    I am not sure if you are the same Anonymous that commented on one of my previous posts and I am not sure if you know me personally since you have never emailed me to let me know who you are. Comments are also for interpretation just like what I write, but I have interpreted your comment as rude. I am not sure really what to think of it. Did you not read anything else I wrote? Do you not have anything else to say? Are you a friend or simply a troll?

    Well, get ready for the firestorm!

  10. Hey Anon. Wow, I thought people still being fucking cowards and posting rude shit anonymously was sooo 2008. But you really DID write that. Interesting, I guess. How about next time, you man up and say who you really are. Or maybe, even better, next time you get the urge to be a douchebag, you close your browser, step away from your computer, and get some fresh air, or better yet, get laid or something. You are belittling one of the kindest, sweetest, funniest persons that I know. RLM has a kind heart and writes from her soul and no one, especially not someone like YOU, should ever make her feel bad for anything that she chooses to do on HER blog. If you dont like it, get the fuck on.

    (Sorry RLM's mommy and daddy. People who mess with your beautiful daughter tend to PISS ME OFF. xo)

  11. Hey Anon... First of all, she didn't ask for money, she simply let her readers know she was interested in coffee and gave us the means to donate. Secondly, didn't your mommy ever tell you if you haven't got anything nice to say keep your big mouth shut?

  12. must have a real problem about giving. Do you ever consider the spirit behind giving? Love the comments from Miss and Jennifer. As they said,do you ever read anything positive or do you simply have a bone to contend with RLM? RLM wrote that she writes for her family, friends and general readers. I love knowing what people I care about consider a treat, and RLM deserves all the latte I can afford because her writing "feeds" my heart and soul. Stop being so righteous and get yourself a fix!

  13. My daughter has never asked or would solicit for money! The "treat" she mentioned was a response to family and friends who read her blog. Anonymous, since you are neither or one in favor of giving (except for tart comments) you need not respond.

  14. I wasn't the Anonymous poster who had the Starbucks comment, but after reading the profanity and vitriole that was spewed at them, this is the last time I will be commenting or reading this blog.

    First of all, many times people comment anonymously because they don't have a blogger or Open ID (this is the case with me- I visit blogs, but don't write one personally).

    But more importantly, the idea of commenting is leave your point of view, and possibly to provoke thought and discussion. It's not to "rubber stamp" the bloggers point of view. Is disagreement not allowed here?

    The first Anonymous' comment was not rude, just a simple statement and question. They didn't agree with the idea of posting the Starbucks link. So be it. So now everyone should engage in a frank and open debate about whether that's kosher or not. Not call people names and say they need to get laid, lacing your comments with profanity.

    I visited this blog from time to time, but I won't any longer. I'll go elsewhere, where free thinking and speech are welcome.

  15. Anonymous...let's see if you are true to your words of not coming back to this site. I also suggest that you read the comment from Zoeyjane and Miss posted on the current blog. Yes, free speech and thinking is welcome and you were able to do so and so are the other readers of the blog that comment on your comments.

  16. My list is so similar to this that it is freaky. I found you through Miss.