Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thankful for What I Do Have

A reader made an anonymous comment on my post 'Tis the Season that made me think "Am I forgetting what this season is all about? Am I ungrateful?" I think the answer is "yes and no."

When you have a kid it is easy to get wrapped up in the gift giving aspect of Christmas. But, there is a lesson to be taught with the idea of giving a gift. Gifts as a reward, gifts as a thank you, gifts as a "just because I felt like it". I think sometimes people get so wrapped up in the "there is more to gift giving" that they also forget that there is something about gift giving that is important. I don't give just to give for givings sake. You give for a reason.

Am I ungrateful for what I do have ... never!

I am so thankful to have a good job that can pay my bills which allows me to have a roof over my head, food on my plates, gas in my car, clothes on my back. I am so thankful for it that I work as hard as I can which means long hours, stress, and time away from wanting to indulge in much more fun things in life. I worked hard in school so that I could have a good job. I work hard at this blog in hopes it can bring in some extra pocket money.

I am so thankful for my health which allows me to work hard at my job and gives me the energy to be a good mom of a daughter I am so thankful to have. I take care of myself by eating healthy, taking vitamins, not abusing my body by filling it with toxins, going to yoga, meditating. I keep work out my brain by reading, writing, resting, playing, learning new things, challenging myself.

I am thankful for my family. I love them and they love me back. I support them, spend time with them, listen to them, learn from them, teach them and give back to them.

I am thankful for living where I live. California is not an easy place to have a life. It is expensive here. It is stressful here. But, I love it here. I work hard to stay here so that my daughter can be close to her family.

I thank my lucky stars for my friends who have stuck by my side no matter how far I have pushed them away and for my new friends that have welcomed me into their heart and Google Readers. I know that they would do anything to help me and I them.

When I write "Giving because there is someone who is in more need than you" does not define something I purchased in a store, wrapped in generic Christmas paper and hoped for a thank you note later. Giving a gift encompasses many things - dinner to someone at a shelter, a toy to Toys for Tots, a hug or smile to someone who needs it, socks to someone who is cold, company to someone who is lonely, time to play imaginary princess games.

When I wrote that I hope Santa could give me the gift I need this year I did not mean something someone can purchase in a store and wrap it up in generic Christmas paper. It is a gift that will keep on giving spiritually. It is a gift that will lift me up which in turn will lift up those around me. It is a gift that can't be held in your hand ... it is a gift that is held in the heart.

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  1. Very well said! When you're truly thankful, The Universe 'rewards' you in so many ways. (Although the "real reason for the season" is Someone's birthday...)
    Don't stress about what you can/can't afford. Give your daughter lots of love and memories - that's what she'll remember most!

  2. What a comeback. Some people just dont know when to NOT say something rude. You handled this beautifully and with grace.

  3. The problem with blogs is that people read whatever they choose to, in whichever tone they want - and generally tend to apply their own issue/challenges into the blogger's problem. It's just transferrance.

    Anyone who knows you knows you're not seeking materialism, or taking for granted what you do have.

  4. Somehow this didn't print when I first sent it. Trying again...
    Ditto to "Miss" and "Joeyjane"
    There are some that like to steal the thunder. They use anything to create a forum for their issues, They wag their fingers at you because they think they are more righteous. Yes, Christmas is celebrating the birth of Christ, but not everyone is "Christian" so this season has become a symbol for "giving". RLM you said it well. In terms of wealth, what or what you don't have is not for anyone to judge. Everyone's value is different. What a backhanded compliment Anonymous gave! RLM, keep writing from your heart.... whether, it is light hearted, frivolous, mundane or cerebral, I have gotten some inspiration, hope and healing. You have also provided me warmth and companionship many times.

  5. love this post. love you.

  6. As Zoeyjane says - Namaste.

  7. Wow.
    The problem with this form of communication is that the written word, versus a verbal conversation, can so often be taken out of the manner in which it was intended. There was no intention of being rude and the compliment was genuine, not backhanded. No fingerwagging or transferrence. The holidays are hard and many expectations are placed on them. No harm meant. Nothing but good wishes for a happy time for you and D. Peace

  8. True written words are subject to interpretations, but they do take a tone depending on how it was punctuated, using upper & lower cases, etc. Were a few people on the same wave length when they read the sarcasm in Anonymous' comment? As a point of contention...Is Anonymous TRULY SINCERE in her compliment and good wishes????!!!

    Enough said! Peace and Goodwill to all!

  9. You summed it up Beautifully.

  10. A lot to be thankful for! Great post, Red! :)