Thursday, December 4, 2008

100 Random Things About Me: My Purse

I am finally getting around to doing the 100 Random Things About Me meme, but I thought I would take a different approach of sharing 5 things at a time. 1) I won't totally bore you with a terribly long post, 2) it allows me to have more posts and 3) it keeps you coming back for more! Sneaky, huh?!?!? OK, not really, but I thought it would be fun this way.

My mom got a new Michael Kors purse. It is a beautiful work of art, but once she put all of her crap stuff in it she found that is too heavy for her liking. So, I eagerly humbly offered to take it off her hands.

my new love

I carry a lot less crap stuff in my purse than my mom does (and it simply looks rockin' on my shoulder). Here are few of the random things you will find in in:

1. A red Guess wallet with imprinted orange flower design. I love this wallet ... the size, the color, the design. The Princess stuck a Minnie Mouse sticker on the inside of it. But, it is getting worn out and I can't find another one perfect enough to replace it. I will probably use it until it disintegrates.

2. Marc Jacobs sunglasses I got a Nordstrom Rack ... best deal eva! Someday my mom will hand down the sunglasses that match this magnificent purse. Then I will look really HAWT!

3. A custom Red Lotus Mama notepad. I got these when other moms started asking me tips on products and blogging. They sport my banner logo, URL and cell phone number. I have to say that they work better than mommy calling cards.

4. Rosebud Salve AND Lavender Lime Lip balm with Mango Butter. I love lip balm. It is an addiction of mine. The delicious scents and textures. These two are my favorites by far.

5. My red lotus seed mala. I break it out whenever I need to clear my head or meditate. It is light weight and beautiful.

So, what is in your purse (or man bag)?

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  1. I looked. You know that 100 things you cut down to 5 so you would have more posts? I could do the same with my manbag. And yes, this fat old man carries a manbag - although most of the time, these days, it stays in the cars and I carry the absolute necessities in my pocket. You know, driver's license and debit card - and the card swipe from work. Which is what I didn't want to do so I started carrying a manbag. Vicious circle.

  2. It's NOT a man's a European carry-all!

  3. That purse is beautiful!!!

    I love love love March Jacob sunglasses. My son broke my favorite pair last year and I have yet to purchase a new one..

    In my bag I carry way to much stuff.. Seriuosly, I am the person you turn to for anything, tooth floss, diapers, bandaids, needle and thread..

    I am the worst.

  4. No wonder our economy is in trouble, we "carry-all the European!" (:- Men carrying purse or whatever you want to call it has been around since the dark ages. Pockets were supposed to take care of this problem, but we just have too much c---to lag around! I think I carry my whole house with me, screw driver, measuring tape, mile long credit & store discount cards, keys as many as St. Peter's....a real window to my life!

  5. ooh, I LOVE that bag. Mine mostly has crap and more crap in it, you know, for the kids.

  6. Let's see:
    1) a travel-size pack of kleenex
    2) C.O. Bigelow mentha lip tint in violet mint (mmm!)
    3) a bliss lemon & sage hand lotion, trial size (from a W hotel)
    4) my flip video camera (yay!)
    5) a cheap nine & co. black wallet I've had for, oh, nearly 10 years.

    God, I'm SO midwest!

  7. I have about 140 receipts and 50 or so expired coupons. And two pair of my socks. Not much more. SO not Michael Kors-worthy

  8. You are leaving stuff out right? Because there is no way you have so little in your purse. Are you human?

  9. Seriously, I can't say ENOUGH great things about Avelle (Formally known as Bag, Borrow, Or Steal.) You basically 'borrow' bags on a weekly, monthly basis for a fee. I get quality bags every month and get to find out the bag of my dreams (that month!) is worthy of me purse need. It's a fabulous way to stay in fashion, in budget, and well, stay in love with your bag!!!!

    I seriously LOVE it. It's great too if you're going to an event (ie wedding, Christmas party, etc) and are looking for that perfect accessory but don't want to purchase it!

    - Cat

  10. Gorgeous bag...

    Since I did this last, I upgraded my bag but not its contents...

    1/ Some business cards, some mommy cards and a cell phone circa 1999
    2/ About 10 pens and no paper
    3/ Straws
    4/ Madagascar giraffe from McD's happy meal that I keep forgetting to turn OFF
    5/ Wallet a la George Costanza
    6/ About 5 lipsticks that I'm always fishing for.

    cute post, RLM!

  11. You're like my long lost TWIN! I'm currently coveting an Ed Hardy bag, I buy my sunglasses (BCBG currently) at Nordstrom Rack and I have a serious addiction to lip balm!!! And that bag you just inherited it gorgeous!

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