Thursday, February 26, 2009

100 Random Things About Me: Normal with a Side of Quirky

Many would qualify me as "normal". I have a college degree and a good job. I own a crappy and over priced condo. I am 33 years old with a 3 year old daughter. I am a Southern California girl born, raised and still a resident. But, I do have my quirks ...

56) Many of you know that taking a shower for me is not just for hygiene, but it is where I get my best inspiration. It is the only place where there is no distraction -- no lappy, no TV, no Princess D (well, she is usually sitting outside the shower watching a movie and eating a snack), no phone, etc. It is the place where I can relax and think. I have found myself one to many times scribbling on my shower wall with the Princesses Crayola® Bathtub Crayons or rushing through my shower so that I don't lose what I had drafted in my head. I have come up with some of my best posts in the shower, so it is a bit amazing that I am not in there a lot longer than I typically am.

57) I really don't like jewelry with hearts on it. I don't know why. There just seems to be a bit of a cheese factor to the "heart jewelry" I have seen. I am sure if someone gave me this or this I wouldn't exchange it. But, for some reason it is not something I would pick out.

58) I hate raw or whole tomatoes. I can eat salsa if it is finely pureed. I love spaghetti sauce, but will pick out the chunks. I am not a fan of sun dried tomatoes either. I do love tomato bisque though.

59) I have an obsession with lip balm. I can't help myself from buying tubes and jars of deliciously smooth and lip smacking balms. Because of my uber sensitive skin there is only one that I can actually wear. So, I have a plethora of lip balms I have only used a couple of times until my lips tell me that they hate it and I am back to my Rosebud Salve.

60) Birds freak me out. I don't mind them from a distance. I think they are beautiful and interesting, but I never understood why people would want to keep them in a cage in their home. When I was a kid my dad and I took in a baby bird that fell out its nest. That little thing had fleas and infested our house. Then when I was a teenager a couple of love birds got loose in the neighborhood and decided they liked our house. They would dive bomb out heads whenever we were outside. The only bird I like is my friend Birdie (that is her nickname)!

So, not really quirky, but just enough to make you raise an eyebrow at me. What are your quirks?

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  1. Hi RLM,

    I wouldn't exactly call all of them quirks - sure, the lip balm obsession is odd but I am freaked out by pigeons and Oompa Loompa's!

    It is good to see the different sides of you, I wonder what you'll enlighten us with next week?

    Charlie (",)

  2. I only pretty much use burts bees original chapstick. If it's for something special, I'll put gloss on but my hair always gets stuck in it and it all gets on my nerves.

    And, I had a pet bird. When I was a kid, a parakeet flew into my dad's shop and he brought it home for me. It was a great little bird but I don't really ever want another one ever again. I also had pet mice and hamsters and I don't ever want those again either.

  3. Let's see ... quirks.

    I have a jones for books and magazines. When I was a kid it was paper. And things like pencils and pens. Office supply stores were like sex for me - only I wasn't old enough to understand that.

    I have an unquenchable yen for computer stuff - and I do computers for a living.

    I love building networks - but once they're up and running, I want to move on to something else.

    I LOVE Clubman after shave, by Pinaud. It makes me think of old fashioned barber shops. It's the only aftershave I will wear.

  4. I am the EXACT SAME about lip balms. I go through lip balms and chapsticks with a fury lol.

    Quirks, hm...I hate microwaves. I can't wait until ours dies and we are without one. Ugh.

  5. i love your list!
    56) you like showers. i am the same way about baths and driving in my car. pure inspiration, thinking time

    58) with me the chunkier the better

    59) living in canada you need to have an obsession with lip balm - i'm addicted