Sunday, March 1, 2009

Modern Mom Challenge - Week #9

As I sit here eating my crackers with smoked salmon and 12 year old aged cheddar cheese I realize that I have sucked at this challenge!

Yoga hasn't been happening. Eating my greens twice a day has been a failure. Replacing my lattes with tea has been inconsistent. Going to bed by midnight *yawn* has been harder than ever. Thank goodness I have lost the extra weight I put on thanks to the Disneyland fare. But, I am still wavering around the same number on the scale for the past two month.

Something else has drawn my focus from my resolutions and weight loss goal. Last month I started testing for cervical cancer. I am not going to go into details of the procedures I had to undergo, but what I can say was they were not pleasant physically or emotionally.

Cancer (specifically breast cancer) runs in my family so this "scare" has been a living nightmare. There was an estimated 3,870 deaths from cervical cancer in the United States in 2008. It is usually a slow-growing cancer that may not have symptoms which is why getting routine testing is so important. Luckily my recent biopsy came back negative. I have my follow up tests scheduled and have been in contact with other women who have been in my shoes and continue to live happy and healthy lives.

The one thing I have really learned these past two months is that my health is so important and life is precious. I am listening to my doctors, paying attention to what I expose myself to and savoring every minute I have with the ones I love most. This year is my year to be happy and healthy.

sweet kisses

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  1. Beautiful photo. Please do not be too hard on yourself. Clearly you have been dealing with some difficult things and you know this is a lifestyle change. Changing the way we live our lives takes time and effort. You will get there and in the meantime - enjoy your life, use this year to be happy. I am sure you will find yourself incorporating ways to meet your goals in no time at all. I am so happy to hear that the testing was negative.

  2. Go you chick, for getting tested for cervical cancer! It worried me how many people don't bother, and by the time they do know it's much, much too late. I'm glad in your case it was just a scare!

    I guess at times like these it's all about finding a balance between what keeps you healthy, and the crackers, salmon and cheese (yum!) moments that keep you happy! It doesn't sound like you resent your happy moments, so good for you :)

  3. A) I am glad your biopsy was returned negative. I know how scary that wait can be and I am relieved that this is the end of that road for you right now.


  4. all the best to you. take care of yourself for HER. she is a beauty.

  5. Oh my. What a beautiful pair of girls you two are. And you have it perfectly right. You have to take care of you in order to take care of her.

  6. I didn't know about this! But, I'm so glad it came back negative!

    I love this photo, btw.

  7. Gorgeous photo! No need to be self-conscious, methinks.
    Hooray for health!

  8. Glad everything came back normal!!

    My grandmother passed at the age of 84 of uterine cancer. Like cervical, there are really no signs. It definitely got all of the women in my family thinking....

    Sweet pic. :)