Thursday, March 26, 2009

Did you miss me?

Hi! Remember me?!?!?!

Sorry for being so MIA lately. I didn't realize how long it has been since I wrote a post until one of my best friends txt messaged me asking if I was ok. She reads every day and started to wonder why I wasn't writing. I have so many posts started that never got finished. I am usually GREAT at multi tasking, but lately my tasks have been inspiration killers.

You know I will never stop writing here. You know I love y'all. I promise to get back into the swing of things soon. In the meantime, here are my excuses as to why you haven't heard from me ...

My day job. Yeah, you know the one that actually pays my bills. Sunday marked my 5 year anniversary with this company. I have seen the stock soar and nose dive. I have seen co-workers come and go (and some come back again!). I have survived many layoffs and our recent acquisition. As of today I am the veteran project manager and proud of it!

Sex and the City. Can you believe I have never watched it?!?!?! I AM IN LOVE! Miss loaned me the first 3 seasons on DVD and I have been making my way through them during the weekends since that is really the only time I can watch. The female friendships, the clothes, the topics and ... well ... the sex redefines the word FABULOUS!

Spring cleaning. On Saturday Princess D was visiting with her dad and I had a major wave of inspiration to write. I figured I would do laundry while writing. One load turned into putting it away, which turned into purging, which turned into reorganizing, which resulted into a neat and clean closet! Once I was done it was time to pick up Princess D and I was too exhausted to write more. We will probably need to move out of our condo and in with my parents to save money, and Princess D has gone through another growth spurt, so the Spring cleaning will need to become a regular weekend task.

Twilight. I did it ... I broke down and bought the DVD. I just couldn't help myself. I almost didn't want to part with it today when I loaned it to my parents. I read the book and thought it was ok. But, the movie ... the teenage sexual angst, the passionate interactions, the cinematography, the gorgeous actors, the story line ... SWOON!!! Plus, I love movies I can put in that service like background noise while I work.

CrackBerry. Recently it has been going through some crazy usage -- multiple hour long phone calls, txt messages, IMs, photos and now radio! I have always loved my CrackBerry and still swear I will never get another phone. But, lately it has had some serious timeouts from misbehaving. I had to wipe it clean the past couple of days and reload all of my applications. *wimper* But, I think this last timeout did the trick. *fingers crossed*

So, am I forgiven? Do you still love me?

I am looking for a few good guest bloggers, so let me know if you would like to volunteer your words and time to give this Mama a little bit of a break.


  1. Yes I missed your posts.

    I'm totally with you on SATC, but the Twilight movie? Hmmm. HAve to say the books were better. Here's to hoping the next episode is better.

    I hope the packing is cathartic. It was for me. Let me know when I can come down and help.

  2. i hear ya! the laundry, cleaning and purging things takes over my entire life!

  3. Oh, purging is wonderful. And after watching a substantial amount of SATC, do you see why I say the word fabulous so much and thought to buy an entirely different wardrobe for Chicago?

    (ps. I bought you a present today and I will totally mail it tomorrow, before my inherent suckiness causes me to add it to the box o' stuff to mail to people.)

  4. I think I've only seen one whole ep of SATC. About 20something guys dating 30something women. Pretty rad. :P

    Also, I was relived to see ZoeyJane's comment & feel I'm not the only one made of post office fail. :P

    Hurrah purging!