Monday, March 30, 2009

Modern Mom Challenge - Week #12

It has been 12 weeks since this challenge started and I have not fulfilled my goal of attended yoga 2 days a week nor have I lost any weight. I have cut my favorite latte out of my life and have improved my "greens" intake. So, I guess a 50% success rate is not so bad.

The one thing I did gain in these past 12 weeks is a little more self confidence than I started the year out with.

When I was pregnant with Princess D it was summer and we were having a very early heatwave. One of my favorite tank tops read "Motherhood is HOT". That concept seemed to only ring true to me when I was pregnant. The fact is I am still a mother. I don't have a perfect body and never will again (well, I might with the help of a personal trainer, a personal chef and a whole lot of plastic surgery). The black circles under my eyes can be covered with concealer. I have stretch marks branding me as a constant reminder that I have a healthy and wonderful little princess. My breasts were used for 18 months of feeding and according to my doctor are "cylindrical" instead of the perfectly round and perky kind (thank goodness for a great Wacoal bra). I have hips ... the kind that allow me to carry my princess for long periods of time with ease.

All of these side effects of motherhood left me with an almost perfect hour glass figure that would give Marlyn Monroe a run for her diamonds!

I am proud of who I am. I am a mother!

lounging on mama

(After a good shower and a full night's sleep I might actually be a Hot Mama!)


  1. 50% is definately better than 0% but you should keep trying to achieve this - 12 weeks is not long and everyone should take the same attitude and try to change something to make them healthier!

    As for sort of being hot after a shower and sleep - If that is true, you must have had a really good shower and a week of sleep because you are very hot in that photo. So cute with your little one too!

    If you ever decide to share your secrets for being so hot, please do not hold back!

  2. it's all about change and growth. we never seem to change or improve at the rate we hoped but it's good to know that we are slowly growing in to who we want to be. kudos, to your 50% just think in 12 more weeks you might be at 75% or 100% and if you're not that's okay too.

  3. Yep. One hot mama you are. As for the cyllindrical bewbies? Yep, I'm with ya there. Maybe we can get a 2-fer with the surgeon. I, for one, need to stop the fall before they hit the floor. :)

  4. You are a beautiful woman. I don't understand why you think you need to lose weight. I know enough about women to know they are never satisfied with the way they look (if they are satisfied, they're usually a pain in the ass about it) but still - believe me when I tell you - you are lovely. Don't change a thing.

  5. I am going to tell you AGAIN. You have THE hottest legs on a woman I've ever seen. You are gorgeous woman, inside AND out.

  6. Miss stole my comment. I was gonna say, "wow. Look at those stems."

  7. You are both beautiful. Your smile is radiant as well! You should wear it more.

    My girls have the same PJ's as your little one, love the princesses on the princesses!