Monday, March 9, 2009

Modern Mom Challenge - Week #10

One of my goals this year has been to make sure I eat something green with lunch and dinner. I love broccoli, zucchini, green beans and mixed green salads. All of these are really easy to get Princess D to eat. My all time favorite green veggie is spinach which has been more of a challenge to get her to eat. I remember watching Popeye the Sailor Man as a kid amazed at how spinach gave him super hero-like strength. What a great way to influence kids! Unfortunately, kid shows now aren't quite as creative with healthy food suggestions, so with Princess D I have had to be more creative:
  • spinach and cheese stuffed ravioli
  • Amy's garden vegetable lasagna
  • fettuccine noodles with alfredo sauce and chopped spinach
  • replacing iceberg lettuce with spinach in sandwiches
Our favorite way to eat spinach ... Spinach Flatbread Pizza! All of these items can be purchased at Trader Joe's.

Middle Eastern flatbread
Alfredo sauce
Frozen chopped spinach (thaw & drain)
Quattro formaggio

Thaw and drain the spinach. Spread the pesto & alfredo sauce on the flatbread. Sprinkle the spinach and formaggio over the sauce. (Optional: sprinkle parmesan cheese on top.) Bake at 380* for 8 minutes. Eat while still warm and crispy!

spinach flatbread pizza

Try it ... your kids (and you) will LOVE IT! Let me know if you have any other creative (and very easy) ways to get your kids to eat spinach.

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  1. That looks freakin' delish. I have a new love for Pesto so I might have to try this.

  2. I'll have to find the ingredients to make this, I think. I'm supposed to be eating lots of spinach for the iron, so send me recipes as you get em!

    I like it on sandwiches, in salads, vegetarian lasagna (recipe on my blog) and pretty much anyway you fix it (including in pasta).

  3. That looks absolutely delicious. I think I will have to try that.