Friday, March 6, 2009

The Moment

As I stood in the shower every bit of worry and stress washed off of me swirling with the soap suds down the drain. I felt cleaned of the dirt from the past. A quiet peace came over my mind and my eyes closed as the water washed over my face.

At that moment I smiled.

There are few moments in my life I can remember feeling this sublimely happy ... the day I graduated from college, when I saw that my baby was healthy on the ultrasound, the moment she looked into my eyes for the very first time.

This moment was different from these.

All of my self doubt was replaced by confidence. I know exactly what I want without a doubt for the first time in my life.

The dark clouds that lie ahead don't seem so daunting because of the vibrant light that is filtering though. I know I can weather any storm that I am faced with because I know am not alone. I am protected by an unconditional love.

This moment will be locked in my heart and memory forever.

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  1. Unconditional. As it should be.

    Here's a song for you, today...when you're having doubtful moments.

  2. That is beautiful. I wish I could find the words to express how pleased I am for you.

    I too have found unconditional love in my life and I have never been happier! Reading this has reminded me just how lucky and happy I am, thank you.

    BTW, I'm loving all the music! :-D

  3. Aww sweetir. What a great moment. You deserve it and many more.

  4. Moments like these should be celebrated.

  5. Mom and DadMarch 06, 2009

    We're happy to see you looking radiant once again and full of hope for the future.

  6. So glad you're feeling so great! :)

  7. sweet. good for you! have more of those showers. lol.

  8. Do I really have to say it? You're beauty. True and simple.