Sunday, March 15, 2009

Out Witted

Princess D gave up her blue and yellow "ba bas" to the Ba Ba Fairy quite willingly in trade for a simple train set. The friend who gave me the idea volunteered to be the Ba Ba Fairy. She has two sons who have recently traded in their train sets for Star Wars figurines. So, she offered to ship out a couple of pieces and a small track sprinkled with fairy dust.

gift from the Ba Ba Fairy

After the princess helped me pack up her blue and yellow "ba bas" I asked her when she would trader her pink and red ones for. She looked at me curiously and said "Mama, those aren't ba bas, they are sippies." She has out witted her Mama!

It was then I realized that I have an extremely smart little girl! I also realized that I am no good at building train sets. Thank goodness for my dad!

train set

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  1. Scary when the kids start out witting you isn't it? Nice work on the trade! I also really like your floors. Very pretty.

  2. Oh! Princess D is so cute! I love that she's into trains and things (hurrah for toys that aren't gender defined!!) and I love they that were handed down with much love from someone else. It's so cute!

  3. Awww. She looks so excited. Seriously, I'm loving her hair.

  4. Yah for Granddad's!

    My little Terror loves his wooden train set. Just shows that the simpliest toys are just as good as all the fancy expensive ones! :)

  5. That's so awesome. I want a fairy to send me pkgs with fairy dust! Hmm...what can I trade...

  6. haha. smart gal!

    So glad it was an easy transition overall. What a cute little train set.

    If I knew how easy the paci fairy was to be in our house, I would have done it sooner, but would it be just as easy with a younger kid? who knows.

    Guess I'll get to try it again with another paci lover in the family!

  7. Ooh, I love playing with train tracks, even to this day =) I hope she enjoys the switcharoo!