Saturday, May 9, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Granddaughter

My mom has always been a pillar of strength and support. Growing up she taught me the finer things in life ... art, theatre, culture, food, traveling and (of course) shopping! She taught me to always try something once, to work hard at everything I do, have pride in my appearance and the importance of family & friends. I have so many wonderful memories of my mom and I spending time together and since I have become a mother we have bonded on a totally different level.

Of course my mom and I have our moments of disagreement. My personality is a lot more like my dad's -- simple and more introverted -- while my mom is outspoken and doesn't mind a lot going on. But, no matter what I respect her opinion because of her life experience and level of intelligence.

San Diego Wild Animal Park - 1978

It was wonderful becoming a mother. I had an easy pregnancy and delivery. Princess D has been a pretty mild child, very intelligent and creative, and full of love. The other day we were snuggling on my sofa and I told her "You are my little princess." She responded with "And, you are my big queen." My heart overwhelms with love every time she says "I love you, Mama" or "I can't live without you". I am so proud of how quickly she learns and her development. She is truly an amazing kid!

Mama & D

In the world of parenting you always here "what comes around goes around" meaning that if you were a difficult child then in turn you would have one.

In my case, I used to sneak into bed with my parents EVERY night when I was Princess D's age. My mom was sleep deprived for two years until my parents down graded from a king size bed to a queen. This has come around. Princess D sneaks into my room around 2am every night to sleep with me. Most nights I try to redirect her back to her bed, but by the 2nd visit I am too groggy. I wake up with her little feet in my belly or on my face. I do love snuggling with her, but the kid snores!

What I do hope comes around is I always can provide Princess D all of the support, kindness, generosity, opportunity, honesty and unconditional love my mother continues to provide to me.

Three Generations

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Thank you Cookie. I am crying! What life journey you have given me. So many wonderful memories and lessons that have strengthened my resolve to be the best mother for you. I look forward to many more years to celebrate life with you.

  2. Aw. I'm in love with how in love you are with D and your mom. Such an example of how it should be.

  3. I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day. Such a picture of strength.

  4. Nic.. I am sorry this is so late..but HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you!!! This is a beautiful post..

  5. Beautiful family, Red! :)