Friday, June 5, 2009

RLM Was There

OK, I admit it ... I was in New York. *hanging head in shame* Let me apologize to those who live in the vicinity and I did not see. There are so many of you I want to spend time with and I had such limited amount of time in the Big Apple that didn't want to play favorites, so I just didn't tell anyone.

This was my second trip to Manhattan. The first time was in 2003 in the fall with my X. I had that trip planned out so that we hit every landmark possible ... some of them I even visited on my own while he experienced the New York sports scene. We were so busy, but still didn't see everything I wanted to see.

This trip for me was guide book free. Which is very unlike me since I am a planner by nature. I had three goals for this trip:

1) take lots of photos in Central Park

Angel of the Waters Fountain

2) visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Model As Muse Exhibit

3) eat a hot dog and a slice of pizza


Each one of these items got checked off my list!

I was not prepared for the weather. The Sunday and Monday I was there it felt like a true New York summer -- hot and humid. Tuesday and Wednesday it was 20 degrees colder and rainy. What is that all about?!?!?!

I was also not prepared for how bad my allergies would be there. The dirt, exhaust and dust in that city was overwhelming for me. The second I stepped outside my eyes would turn beet red, watery and itchy. Probably two days of Central Park grass pollen didn't help either. Thank gawd for eye drops and tissues ... I think I need to buy stock in these two products!

I don't think this girl is not cut out for New York, but it was a wonderful trip! Next time I will visit for longer ... in the fall ... and will make sure to visit with all of you East Coasters!


  1. My god, you captured Central Park. I'm sorry it was so itchy. I hope you knew someone there that could take care of you - maybe a lowly hotel clerk?

  2. I am just glad you had fun.. next time you are around.. well know.. :)

  3. Beautiful!! I need to hustle myself to NYC, and not just for the scenery!

  4. I need to go to NYC one of these days. It's on my List -- especially after seeing these pictures :)

  5. I think sometimes a holiday is so much more enjoyable when you pick a few well thought out things to do, rather than trying to do everything. It kind feels more productive, too I think. That you end up taking care and effort to see what you want to, rather than rushing off to the next thing.

    Also? Love your photos! New York is so fantastic :)

  6. Just started following your blog... and I love the photo's that you have in your blog.

    Living in Style

  7. Gorgeous shots of NYC.. glad you got to visit. I love it there!