Monday, July 13, 2009

A baby no more

"That cracks me up."

"Mom, you are freaking me out."

"What the?!?!?!"

"Alright, alright. I'm coming. Geez."

Just some of the sayings that have been coming out of Princess D's mouth lately. On top of that she has been more dramatic in almost everything she does ... the hair flipping, the eye rolling, the gracious hugs of thanks, her favoritism for certain people at certain times. I am getting glimpses of what she is going to be like as a pre-teen and it is starting to freak me out.

a whole lot of jumping

In just a few days Princess D will turn 4 and I am trying to figure out where the days went. I am a bit nervous about how much faster the next 4 years will go by. In so many ways she is still my little baby, but she is officially a "kid."

Princess D carries around my old camera bag with her own digital camera inside taking photos of things she likes. She helps my dad around the house doing chores for quarters so that she can save up for a puppy. She helps my mom with the cooking and is trying all kinds of new foods. She can't wait to move into Pre-K with her other friends who have already turned 4.

Yet, today she told me that she was shy (which she totally is not) and that she is Mama's girl. She still loves to snuggle with me while she falls asleep in her princess bed. She is my shadow most of the time ... and truthfully, I love it because as she gets older these moments will happen less and less.

Me & my little princess


  1. Luffffff her! And you! Cannot wait to see you gals on Thursday to celebrate her birthday!!!

  2. ohhhh yes mine is turning 6 months next week and even those flew by with no idea how. Crazy and I really feel I am missing out now I had to go back to work yikes

  3. Mikayla woke up this morning saying that a bump on her head was killing her. I have no idea where she got that. Mikayla is 4 and she is not my baby anymore but yet I wish she was.

  4. Why do they grow up so fast, too fast you know

  5. Oh Happy early Birthday to your sweet sweet princess..