Monday, July 27, 2009

BlogHer '09 Recap: Loved It

I have just returned home from my first time at a BlogHer conference. After missing last year's conference in San Francisco I was determined to go this year. I had no idea of what to expect and was as close to unprepared as I have ever let myself get for a trip. I was unable to get a ticket to the full conference, so I was stuck with tickets to LobbyCon. Even with that slight drawback it was an amazing experience. Here are the 3 things I LOVED about BlogHer '09 ...

The location. I have been to Chicago 3 times before this trip, but all of them were during the winter. It was great to take the Architecture River Cruise ... see all of the buildings and the river walk while enjoying the weather.

Chicago from the river

The Expo. Who doesn't love SWAG? I know I do and I am not ashamed to admit it. But, what I loved most about the Expo was meeting some of the vendors of products I feel strongly about:

  • Picnik - Thank you for the 3 months off the premium service and I can't wait to try out some of the new features!
  • Nikon - Thank you for taking the time to look at my camera and show me some tricks on how to control my flash. You were incredibly helpful ... now maybe next year I could be invited to your ultra exclusive party?!?!?!
  • Disney - I need one of those little laptops for my princess ... that thing is the coolest!
  • Playskool - Those mechanical dinosaurs are so adorable and if the dog version is just as fun then I think you have solved (if not slowed down) the princess' yearning for a puppy.
  • Suave & Degree - Not only was your cocktail party amazing (hotel, cocktails, food) all of the women working there were incredibly friendly and helpful and the new products are great!
  • Pearl of Wisdom - You have inspired me to speak out about my experience with the HPV virus and find ways to educate people about it.


The people. I finally got to hang out with some phenomenal women I have become friends with, meeting bloggers I believe are brilliant writers or photographers who I have been too shy to reach out to, and meeting bloggers who read this little old blog. There are so shout outs and so many photos I want to feature ... that will have to be another post!

Next post ... BlogHer '09 Recap: Liked It ... stay tuned!


  1. LOVED meeting you.

    We simply MUST do this again!
    (I'll bring the jell-o shots...)

  2. I concur. :) It was an awesome trip.

  3. I wish I could have gone, but a prison never closes and I am too new for vacation time yet. I am excited to her more about your experience.

    But I kept California safe for yo while you were gone.

  4. I so wanted to go to BlogHer, just not possible this year. Sucks bc so close to home for me. BUT, NYC next year? HELLS TO THE YEAH!

  5. I am glad you had fun what about your princess I think you took her along for the ride did she have fun? it would be nice to join one day....

  6. Great recap! and I'm laughing cause that is me in the red shirt in the last picture! :)

  7. I love that you too went on the Architectural Cruise. It was the best thing I did next to stepping out of my comfort zone at Navy Pier (you'll have to read my blog to see what I did). Best time ever.

    SO glad I met you. Can't wait to learn more! :)