Friday, July 31, 2009

In memory of my aunt

I rarely see my mom cry. She is one of the strongest women I know. The matriarch of her family. But this morning she walked into my bedroom with her eyes welled up with tears. She reminded me that 18 years ago she was not the matriarch of her family. Her sister was.


In 1986 her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and in 1991 she lost her battle. She was 51 years old.

I still remember my aunt so vividly. Her beautiful hand writing on recipes my mom still uses. Watching her standing behind the counter of her doughnut and pastries shop while my mom painted a mural on the wall. How she sat next to me assembling the Hello Kitty miniature doll house she bought for me. Her incredible hospitality and generosity. Her love.

Unfortunately, I also vividly remember the day she died. I was working an ice cream social & bingo event at the local retirement home (the service work I did for National Charity League). My mom was going to pick me up afterward so we could head over to the hospital to see my aunt. Instead my dad showed up. I knew. She was gone and I didn't get that last chance to say good bye.

my aunt

I still remember my aunt and in honor of her I will be starting my mammograms next year when I turn 35. My mom will keep cooking from her sisters recipes.


  1. *hugs*

    I've lost a LOT of family members from cancer...although different kinds, all across the board...

    It's great that you can remember and honor your aunt to keep her spirit alive.


  2. Oh! It's so lovely that you are able to remember your aunt with such love. That's so precious and wonderful! :)

  3. it is always nice to remember your aunt, my mom , not just today, but any other day. it seems like it was not too long ago that she was with us. 'till you count the time that has past ! live life to the fullest cousin, life is....too short. cherish every moment. love, jon,your old cousin

  4. Beautiful post Nic... So good to remember someone who was so important in your life.

  5. So sorry to hear about your aunt and the fact that she lost the dreaded battle. But the wedding pic is gorgeous.

  6. Auntie Edith had a big heart and up to this day , I still cry like Auntie Lilie, remembering her. Even though I was 8 when she died, I remember getting the best Easter baskets with loads of Hello Kitty . She stayed up late at night decorating cupcakes for my birthday.Dad told me that she tried her hardest not to let us know she was dying because she did not want to scare us. That to me is undying love. P.S. Give a kiss to your mom and tell her for me that I love her and she is doing a good job as the matriach.

  7. Oh Nicole.. ((hugs))) I am so sorry.. so so sorry.