Wednesday, July 1, 2009

SYTYCD Season 5 Episode 4

I am not totally shocked by last week's So You Think You Can Dance results. The competition really starts to get fierce around this point of the competition. I am starting to develop my favorites, but it isn't like last year where I had my favorites by the time the judges had picked their Top 20. This year for the girls I am liking either Melissa or Kayla and for the guys either Ade or Evan. So, let's see if they are still my favorites tonight ...

REMINDER: This is just my personal, non-professional opinion made BEFORE the judges give their comments and I don't alter what I write after they give their comments.

Janette & Brandon - Ok, hearing him scream like a little girl during the practices was hilarious. She is just HAWT! I am liking them as couple. They were excellent and have been consistent every week!

Kayla & Kupono - Amazing all the way down to the detail of their feet. They were in sync and you could see their connection. She is still quite flawless in her dancing and this is the best I have seen him. Brilliant!

Randi & Evan - They looked fabulous ... costume designers are on tonight! I actually liked it. This is another pair I feel are perfectly matched for each other. Not my favorite Broadway routine, but I thought danced well.

Kaitlyn & Jason - WTF?!?!?! I am not quite sure what to think of that. I think the choreographer has been smoking something funky! Um, danced well. Um, strange. Um, they committed to the story. Um ...

Janine & Phillip - Tabitha and Napoleon are my favorite choreographers. I just love seeing Phillip dance in his style. And she does a good job holding her own. I thought it was excellent!

Melissa & Ade - She is a gorgeous ballerina and he is incredibly strong. What a pair! They are so committed to their performance. I loved that!

Karla & Vitolio - A new pair that got stuck with the quick step ... geez, could you give them a bigger challenge? Very cool trick with the costume, but I hated seeing the other costum under the gorgeous dress when she spun. I loved the story and I thought they looked great together. I don't know a thing about this style, but I think they did great!



  1. Once again... commenting while I watch. :)

    Janette & Brandon- Yep, they are good and consistent, but they don't overwhelm me with greatness. But still ended up being one of my favorites tonight.

    Kayla & Kupono- They were HAWT!

    Randi & Evan- It was cute, but not my favorite.

    Kaitlyn & Jason- OH MY GOSH! That was too dumb to even comment on. If they go home, I blame the choreographer.

    Janine & Phillip- That was pretty cool, but not my favorite one I have seen from them.

    Melissa & Ade- Absolutely beautiful.

    Karla & Vitolio- That was a hard one to do and the costume bothered me too. But they gave it all they had. :)

  2. last night was the best evening thus far. kayla and koupono get my vote..i may be partial since kayla is from my

  3. I was upset that Kaitlyn and Jason got that crazy number... the costumes were distracting, and they are awesome dancers. I feel badly when the judges comment on their costuming, which is TOTALLY NOT THEIR CALL! How annoying.
    I agree, Kayla and Kupono are awesome together; and I didn't think Karla & Vitolio didn't do too badly either, seems a better pairing than their first partners.

    Great recap, if Kaitlyn and Jason go home because of that number, it will be a travesty...that choreographer, although apparently "genius" is going off on his own planet lately. Just my opinion.

  4. You crazy girl, Asuka is gone. Vitolio danced with Karla.

    And I KNOW that Kayla is everyone's fave, but she just bugs me. I don't know why, but she does. (I know, I know! I can't explain it either.)