Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SYTYCD Season 5 Episode 8

Thanks to BlogHer '09 I missed last week's episodes of So You Think You Can Dance. To make it worse my dad forgot to record Wednesday night's performances. I did watch the Thursday night results show and have some things to say ...
  • Janette should NOT have gone! I adore her. She really can do no wrong even with as little training as she had. America, you got it WRONG!
  • That oh so special performance Katie Holmes put on was PATHETIC. That was prancing, not dancing. And the lip syncing ... GAH! I was hoping for so much more from her.
  • On the other hand, how totally awesome was Wade Robson?!?!?! I could have watched him all night long.
  • It was great seeing some of the past performances, but I wish there had been more. They should have dumped the Katie Holmes number and gone with one of the great Mia Michaels routines from the past seasons.
So on to this weeks episode ...

REMINDER: This is just my personal, non-professional opinion made BEFORE the judges give their comments. Because Princess D doesn't go to bed until 9pm I often have to watch this show on DVR so I am behind all of you SYTYCD junkies, but and I don't alter what I write based on the judges comments.

Top 3 Guys: First, I really love this choreographer. She is quirky and comes up with the greatest movements. What was interesting was how these men stood out at certain times. The beginning was all Ade for me. He is hard hitting and stood out so much. Brandon's assisted leap was incredible, but I was bummed he didn't stick that last synchronized trick. Evan surprised me in the middle of the routine. He was in character and much stronger. Together the synchronization was perfect. I enjoyed it a lot!

Janine & Ade: Shake those tail feather! She is incredibly sexy. I thought they were a good pairing, but there was something missing from it. Not my favorite performance of a samba.

Kayla: This girl is a phenomenal dancer. There is no doubt about that. But when she performs her solos there is something missing for me. They always feel disparate. Like her movements aren't flowing with the music.

Melissa & Evan: Cute! I loved seeing him dancing his style. She is such a talented dancer and just shines on that stage!

Ade: I still enjoy seeing such a big dude moving so gracefully. His pirouettes are amazing!

Kayla & Brandon: I really loved seeing these two incredibly strong dancers perform together. They are both powerhouses and they delivered! Again, she takes choreography and direction so much better than doing her solos. He is the strongest of the male dancers for sure!

Melissa: She has transformed ballet for me. She is simply stunning on that stage. I could have watched that solo go on for much longer.

Janine & Ade: These choreographers are my favorite on this show ... hands down! I am shocked that he is not a hip hop dancer. He was phenomenal. She can really hold her own in hip hop. I am always impressed how she does performing this style. I loved the use of the boxes. I love the connection they had. I loved it!

Brandon: Hello! This solo is why this guy was so talked about at the beginning of the season! From that alone he needs to win. The choreography, the power, the movement, the timing ... this single solo had it all. SPECTACULAR!

Melissa & Evan: My biggest complaint about this is that the camera angles really throw me off during this so it is hard to see what was wrong. With that said I thought is was a great quick step. I enjoyed watching it. I thought they both did well, but again the camera angles masked flaws for me.

Janine: Now that is some excellent control in her moves. I believe out of the 3 girls left she is the one that has had consistently strong solos.

Even: He is a lot of fun to watch in his own style. As for a winning solo ... not for me.

Kayla & Brandon: I think he has disco in his soul! He is really good at this style! I am not sure she is physically strong enough to pull some of that off. That performance made my heart race just watching. There was a much better disco routine earlier this season, but I commend them on this considering how difficult this routine is. Best part of this routine ... the booty slap!

Top 3 Girls: What a great routine! I have to say that none of the girls stood out from the other. They were all strong. They were all in sync. They all had the attitude. I enjoyed it!



  1. ok i missed last nights i have no comments yet, got watch it before tonight

  2. Finally getting to watch it...

    And I skip the judges comments, so I don't know and don't care what they thought. :)

    The top three guys- They were great. But Evan looked sort of out of place. He is not in the same caliber of dancing as the other two. Ade is definitely my favorite guy.

    Janine and Ade- HAWT! Janine could totally win this.

    Kayla- She was okay, but I wasn't blown away. Carolynn (my 13 year old) hates her and calls her Blondie.

    Melissa and Evan- They were cute and I love Melissa. But the dancing just didn't blow me away.

    Ade- He was pretty good, but for a solo, that just wasn't too memorable.

    Kayla and Brandon- That totally blew me away. They were so good and that was such a great piece.

    Melissa- She is so graceful. I just love her.

    Janine and Ade- I am not a huge fan of the hip hop, but this was pretty creative and cool.

    Brandon- That was a pretty powerful solo... In his underwear. :) I was totally amazed.

    Melissa and Evan- I thought they did really great for such a difficult number.

    Janine- She was pretty good, but it didn't blow me away like Brandon did and it wasn't as graceful and well put together as Melissa.

    Evan- This is they style meant just for him. Unfortunately, I have a hard time seeing him doing anything else. He was good though.

    Kayla and Brandon- I thought they were great. I enjoyed watching them. It looked fun.

    Top Three Girls- That was so cool. I just loved it. Girls rock!!!

    Now I am off to watch the kick off show. :)