Thursday, August 20, 2009

He means war

My Dad was drafted into the US Army before he immigrated from the Philippines. He met my mom 7 months after he arrived in Los Angeles and 4 months later he was shipped off to boot camp. By January of 1969, my dad was serving in the infantry in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. During his 2-year service he received 2 purple hearts. After the war my Dad got out of the Army. Thanks to PTSD he has blocked out most of what happened there.

If you know my Dad you will agree that he is a very calm and reasonable man, but over the past week he has gone back to war ... with the spiders and mice attempting to invade his house.

Many people know there is a spider problem in San Diego. One morning Princess D woke up with a bite on her eyelid. After that my Dad has spent every night with flash light in hand vacuuming up spiders and their webs around the house.

Then yesterday he discovered that mice have been getting into our garage pantry. They had eaten through a box of graham crackers and a box of chicken gravy. As he was hunting around for traces of them he spotted a tiny mouse watching him from a vent. My Dad grabbed his pellet gun and shot at the rodent. The mouse ran away, but came back taunting my dad. Two more unsuccessful shots later and my Dad declared war. He headed to the Home Depot to picked up traps and poison.

This morning he was checking one of his traps to see how it works when discovered his first victim.

mouse hunt

Mice = 2. Dad = 1. The war has begun.