Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How I Broke My Blog - A True Story

I am supposed to be up to speed on the new Web 2.0 stuff. At least that is what my day job says. The fact is I am a novice. I love to write. I love to take photos. I love to tweet. I am not in love with coding, and this Web 2.0 stuff has quite a bit of coding if you want your blog to feature the latest and greatest.

This past weekend I finally had some time to futz around with my site.

First, I updated my AddThis feature (see below). I seemed to add it correctly ... OOH! AHH! ... now I have pretty little icons instead of just the boring share button.

Then I added CommentLuv. I have been wanting this for so long. It always made me sad when I am commenting on another blog and the warning of "no feed is found on". It might as well say "no luv for you!". Now, I will have lots of luvin'!

Finally, I added in a new comment tool. One that would allow communication with all of you without having to email. Actual conversations on my blog! The first feature I tried was the new Echo, but I didn't care for it so much even though I seemed to get it to work. I decided to switch to another tool and in the process BROKE MY BLOG!

Today is Wednesday and you will see my weekly installment of Wordless Wednesday below. I generally will get up to 20 comments on my WW posts. Today ... a whopping 7 and one of them is ME!

This is why I should not mess with what is working. This is why I am NOT a web programmer. This is why I should not attempt to mess with my template EVER!

I am attempting this again. Let's see if DISQUS will work or if I have just broken my blog yet again. *fingers crossed* *clicking publish post*