Thursday, August 13, 2009

It wasn't me ...

Yesterday when I tried to publish my post Blogger wouldn't let me. I got a really hideous error message. My blog was coming up, but the comments box was really not working. I honestly thought I broke Blogger ... not just my blog, but ALL OF BLOGGER!

Miss warned me to stop messing with it or else I might break the whole dang internet.

Charlie, one of my readers, sent me a hand drawn award:

I Broke Blogger Award

I seriously lost a year of my life trying to make sure it wasn't me messing with my template that made everything break, but at least these two made me laugh about it.

After a few minutes I got confirmation that Blogger was in fact down and it wasn't me who did it (at least I hope not). A couple of hours later Blogger was back up and my fancy new comment tool was working like a charm.

So, leave me a comment!