Thursday, August 27, 2009


That is the sound I heard on Monday afternoon.

The next sound I heard was my mom's voice informing me that my daughter had slammed her bedroom door shut to pout in her room.


I had kept Princess D home from school on Monday because she had come down with a bad cold. After a good night sleep and a regiment of Hyland's Cold & Cough tablets she was feeling much better, but still moody. Apparently, after I informed her that she could not have chocolate ice cream until she ate a healthy lunch she went to my mom to see if she would out rank me. The princess was rebuffed and she did not like that. She stormed into her bedroom, slammed her bedroom door shut and sat down on her bed with her back to the door.


I calmly opened up her bedroom door and informed her that I will not tolerate slammed bedroom doors especially in her grandparents' home. That she could sit in her room in time out and when she was ready to eat a healthy lunch she could come out. Then I left her bedroom door open.

Ten minutes later my sweet four year old princess came out of her open-doored bedroom ready for lunch.

Maybe if she gets this out of her system now pre-teens won't be so bad. (Shhhh ... a mom can hope.)