Monday, September 14, 2009

Approaching the finish line

I can't believe this Saturday is the American Heart Association 2009 Start! San Diego Heart Walk ... it snuck up on me!

I had originally set my fund raising goal at $500, but thanks to friends and family I have surpassed it by $45! I am the top fund raiser on my team and one of the top in my company. But, some co-workers are catching up, so please help me keep the lead by giving a donation to a very important cause. (I don't get anything for being a top fund raiser other than the glory of the title!)

I haven't been perfect at my training goal of walking up to 3 miles a day mainly because of my recent trip and jetlag. At least I walked A LOT while I was in England. At the end of every day my feet hurt and I slept great! Thanks to public transportation there is no need for a car in London. Everyone walks there and thinks nothing of it. It is such a healthier lifestyle and you can see that not only does it keep them moving it is helping the environment too.

Streets of London

Of course I ate so good that it really didn't matter how much I walked. The English to love their "veg" eating it with every meal. They drink plenty of tea off setting the American coffee intake. The biggest downfall for me is that they also love their sweets and biscuits. Now that I am home I am back on my diet. (I miss you Cadbury. *sniff*)

Fish & Chips

Bottom line is that I am ready for Saturday. I am proud of how much I was able to raise, that I was able toincrease awareness and even inspired some people to take a look at their heart health. My ultimate goal was to help make this world a little more healthy one step at a time.


  1. Way to go Nicole! Can't wait to walk with you this weekend!

  2. I have a tin of Cadbury Chocolate Powder which i brough home from England last time I was there. I save it for special occasions. I do love that stuff.