Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What I've learned from Red Lotus Mama by La Primera

Sometimes you've gotta do the hard thing

Doing what was best for her future and for her princess, she packed up her grown up stuff and moved in with her parents. I know that she feels blessed to have her family's love and support. And there's always the comforts of having the daily comforts of parental care. Hello, home cooked meals! But I also know that her decision wasn't easy. I mean, a grown woman likes to have some privacy, you know? Yes, you do know.

A true friend will watch out for your boobs

She was the appointed number one boobie guard at the Sparklecorn party for Miss and her wow-cleavage dress. And she never absconded her duty to keep any eye out for any wardrobe malfunctions. And you know what else? I saw that she carried this type of duty with all of her bloggy friends, me included. When I dropped stuff left and right while we strolled through the Expo, she had my back. She steered me away from the boths that video taped you. (thanks!) She's just an all around down-for-her-friends type of gal.

Life is exciting seen through a viewfinder

Red Lotus Mama takes the purtiest pictures. She always does her Wordless Wednesdays. And I'll bet she never waits for months to download her shots from her camera. Like I do. sigh. One day, I hope to be a fun and talented photographer like her. Who never lets her images sit forever on her memory card. Or loses her power cord. Or her download cord. Or forgets to charge. I also hope to move up to a big girl camera by next year.

Long distance relationships can work.

Along the river outside the Sheraton in Chicago, we high fived over the wonders of Skype and its awesomeness in making a long distance relationship "do-able." (catch my drift?) My long distance relationship fizzled. Thanks to Red Lotus Mama, I know that the good ones are out there. And distance does not have to be a barrier to romance. And I am thrilled for her right now.

Take care of yourself, because your loved ones care

Are you taking care of your heart? Do you know if your blood pressure is in the healthy range? Red Lotus Mama does. And she's walking for your heart and hers. Her recent entries have inspired me to take care of my heart. My little girls need me. I can be the best mama in the world, but if I'm failing to take care that I'm alive for them, then I am not living up to my integrity.


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