Sunday, June 28, 2009

Moving & Shaking

This weekend Princess D and I made the move to my parents' house. As you know it has been an emotionally exhausting decision for me. It marks another turning point in my already shaken up life.

stuff in a trailer

When I was 18 years old I decided to go away to university. It was only a 2 hour drive to get home, but it gave me the first taste of independence from the safety of my parents. I made the decision to never move back to Los Angeles (unless there was a beach a couple of blocks away). After I graduated I moved back home only to move right back out less than 3 months later for a very low paying job at a San Francisco playhouse. Again, I swore I would never move back home again.

Here I am 13 years later living with mom and dad. Granted my parents sold their LA home to live closer to me and Princess D two years ago so I have actually kept my promised to never live in LA again. Yet, I find myself in a bedroom filled with my childhood furniture. Everything is still in good condition with the same 70s lime green & yellow liner on the inside. The desk certainly wasn't built for computer use let alone ergonomically comfortable. My bookshelf has become a media stand for a small flat screen TV (which is pretty sweet since it is an upgrade from the TV I had in my condo). The dresser smells like it did when I first emptied out their drawers which are smaller than I remember. This old meets new is all a bit surreal!

modernized childhood desk

The move has been physically demanding on me because I have not been sleeping well the past week. My parents and I did most of the move ourselves while trying to keep Princess D entertained. We filled our cars to the brim shuttling back and forth between homes. The one good thing is that unpacking has been slower allowing me to purge in the process. My parents' home was already very full, so almost all of my belongings (along with some of theirs) have gone into storage to make room for me & Princess D. What has been brought is getting combed through with a fine tooth comb.

My parents' world has been shaken up with the new additions to their retirement home. We have filled it up with loud giggles, princess pink, too much toys, and little girl drama. They love it ... I think!


  1. AnonymousJune 29, 2009

    You were in my thoughts this weekend. I wish I had been able to come down and help.

  2. Hang in'll adjust.

    I personally love the old meets new...I'm sure you can find a way to alter that old bookshelf to better fit your lappy.

    Hugs to go take a nap! ;-)

  3. I'm pretty excited that D said I could still share her room when I come visit!

    You know I've had to make this adjustment myself and its not easy. There will be things you miss and things that will frustrate you, I promise. But if you need someone to bitch about it to, you know I'm good company.

    Here is another bright side! When I come over, your dad can feed us as much wine as he wants and we wont have to drive! WIN!

  4. You'll be fine. It'll take time. But you get to spend time with your parents that you may not have otherwise. And they get to see their grandchild on a daily basis. Memories will be made that will enrich all their lives.

  5. Mom and DadJune 30, 2009

    Yes, life is more interesting with our 2 princesses with us. Although we would have opted for more quiet and peaceful retirement days, D will keep us mentally and physically alert.

  6. I love that desk. I wish I could've helped. I wish it was easier for everyone. But you know, this is a new start, not returning. This will just be more baby steps in the perfect direction. xo

  7. another trip begins with mysteries strewn in its a wonderful life the one we live in...I just got back to work today (am already skipping to blog) well its ok but wish i were home really