Monday, October 5, 2009

Wild Impromptu

This weekend Princess D was supposed to be with her dad, but due to an unforeseeable issue he asked me to keep her until Sunday. I had exciting plans this weekend of helping my parents with a garage sale, cleaning and working. So, this change of plans was very welcome!

Did you know that the entire month of October kids get into the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park for FREE?!?! It is and it was the perfect outing for Princess D.

We left early so she couldn't scrounge through her old toys that were on sale in my parent's garage. We made a stop for some breakfast on the go. And, got a GREAT parking spot.

I love the Wild Animal Park, but I don't love how spread out and hilly it is. It was so hot and dusty making pushing a 35 pound kid in a stroller quite the workout. We still managed to see some of our favorite animals.

San Diego Wild Animal Park

Like most kids her age in the heat all she really just wanted ice cream. After pushing her up a hill for a while I was ready for one too. We shared a hot dog and a blue icee in the shade. Princess D was done seeing the animals, so we rode the carousel ... over and over and over.

merry go round

After 4 hours at the park we headed home. Princess D was happy and I had a bunch of new photos to edit. Impromptu days like these is what parenting fun!