Saturday, October 31, 2009

A true ghost story

It was 1950, she was 7 years old when the first itchy spot appeared on her tummy and her temperature started to rise. Her mother and father were on their way home from the hospital with her new baby brother. When they arrived the doctor told her parents about the chicken pox and either she or the baby would have to be removed from the home. Her mother was already superstitious believing that she was a curse on the new baby because he was boy. So she was the one to go.

They were living in the apartment above her mother's dress shop while their new home was being built. Behind the dress shop was live/work loft complex. All but one was already rented out. The empty one was used periodically for accountants at the end of the month, but the loft had stayed empty for years. Her mother called the landlord and said she wanted to rent it out immediately.

The girl was moved in that afternoon along with a bed, toys, some food and water. And she was instructed to stay there until her chicken pox was no longer a threat. A nurse maid was to go over every day to bring her meals three times a day and bathe her. The girl spent the day playing quietly alone or sleeping.

One afternoon the girl woke up from a nap and found a woman with long flowing white hair dress in a white lacy house dress sitting on the edge of her bed. The girl was not scared of this strange woman who just smiled at her. The woman helped her sit up and started brushing the girl's hair. She hummed a song softly. The little girl asked the woman what her name was, but the woman did not answer. When the woman finished braiding the little girl's hair she turned her around to look at her. She smiled and said she would be back again the next day.

The girl was so happy to look forward to their next visit. When the nurse maid came that evening to bring her dinner they were surprised to see her cleaned up and happy. The nurse maid assumed the girl's mother had come by and didn't ask any questions.

The next day the little girl woke up to find the same woman sitting on her bed. Like the day before she combed and braided the little girl's hair while humming the same song. This time she stayed longer playing games and telling stories. She would smile at the little girl tell her how she wished she could have a daughter just like her. After a few hours the woman told the little girl she had to go, but she would be back to get her tomorrow.

That night the little girl told her nurse maid about the wonderful woman with long white hair who was coming to visit her. Instantly the nurse maid ran to tell the girl's mother. That night the girl was moved back home.

The next morning the girl's mother called the landlord asking about this strange woman with long white hair. The landlord whispered "Mrs. Carpenter?"

The girl's mother told the landlord that the woman wore a white lacy house dress. The landlord said "That can't be. Mrs. Carpenter died years ago. I haven't been able to rent that loft since then."

The girl's mother hung up the phone and looked into the little girl's eyes and hugged her.