Thursday, November 19, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 19: Thankful for the simple things

The difficulties of every day life can really get to me ... and they have these past two weeks. Stress from work. Disagreements with my X husband. Overtired princess meltdowns. Less alone time and personal space. Traffic. Finances (or lack there of). Health issues. But, when I hear about a mother of 3 having a massive stroke it makes me stop to realize I have so much I should be thankful for.

I have had a good paying job for over 5 years with an employer who appreciates my hard work. I sit in a corner cubicle that has a panoramic view. I can work from home when necessary. I work with clients that I can feel good about. I bring home a paycheck and medical benefits to take care of me and my daughter.

I have an amazingly bright, funny and healthy daughter who holds me in the "special, special, special, special, special place in her heart". I can watch Disney movies and go to Disneyland with her. She goes to a good school and I get to watch her swim her way to a scholarship in the future.

I have loving and supportive parents and boyfriend. I have tight network of friends in real life and online. I have a nice car that is paid off. I live in nice home in San Diego with my parents. I am able to plan 2010 to pay off my debt and rebuild my credit.

I don't have any disabilities (other than asthma and anxiety). I have access to yoga classes. My mom cooks me Weight Watcher approved meals. My dad keeps an immaculately dust and bug free home. I have medical insurance.

Most of all I have my life. As fast as they days might fly by. As hectic as life can be. As frustrating things might get. I am alive. I can hug and kiss my daughter. I can tell the people I love that I love them. I can write this post.

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