Saturday, November 21, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 21: Cut off at the feet

A couple of weeks ago I reworked my budget for 2010. There are debts I need to pay down and vacations I really want to take next year, so something had to give. I knew looking at my budget would give me more anxiety, but the end result is what I have to keep focusing on.

First thing I did was split the year up into quarters because I know things will change as the year progresses. I am hoping my X will take over more of his financial responsibilities. I am hoping pay down loans. I am hoping some expenses to disappear.

Hoping doesn't take care of the NOW, so I had to really think about what is unnecessary. The first thing to go was the pedicure I get every other month.

When I was in college I always did my own pedicures. I would even do my roommates' toes. When I started making a good salary I started treating myself to pedicures. It is a pampering I got used to. Sitting in a large lounge chair with a book in one hand and a tea in the other for one hour all to myself. When I got married I continued getting pedis whenever I really needed them -- weddings, vacations, parties, etc. Only going sporadically took a toll on my feet. They constantly had chipped polish and my heels were rough. Then I found a manicurist who made my toes look like this:

my feet

Over the past year I have been working on "me" by going to a therapist, seeing an acupuncturist, and getting pedicures. I was in that spa pedicure chair every other month. But, I am still capable of doing my own pedicures. It is winter so my toes will be covered. And, it really is not a necessity. With a heavy hand that row in my budget was deleted.

Tonight I gave my self a pedicure. It is not perfect and it is missing those really cute sparkly flowers, but I did a decent job:

pedi by me