Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 24: SYTYCD Season 6 Episode 5

I really love music, but dance can really bring a song to live for me. For example, whenever I hear the song "Mercy" by Duffy I think of Twitch and Katee danging that Mia Michaels routine, or "Forever" by Chris Brown I think of Twitch and Comfort dancing that spacey NAPPYTABS hip hop routine, or "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis I think of Chelsie and Mark performing another fantastic NAPPYTABS routine.

Let's see if this week I will find any songs transformed for me!

REMINDER: This is just my personal, non-professional opinion made BEFORE the judges give their comments. Because Princess D doesn't go to bed until 9pm I often have to watch this show on DVR so I am behind all of you SYTYCD junkies, but and I don't alter what I write based on the judges comments.

Ellenore & Ryan (Lindy Hop) This has to have been the best routine for this style on the show ever. I actually enjoyed it! The leg retractions probably weren't fast enough for Mary Murphy's taste, but I could tell. The dancers seems so comfortable and having a lot of fun. The appeared light on their feet and the lifts were effortless. That was entertaining for me!

Kathryn & Legacy (Jazz) I love routines by Sonya. She knows how to incorporate the strength of each dancers style, how to move every inch of their bodies and use the music. Her choreography is quirky and cool! Once again this couple has such a great connection. They seem to feed off each other's strong suits which makes their performance that much better. I am sad to see the split up next week. He blows my mind and exceed my expectation every week. She is no doubt a gorgeous dancer.

Victor & Karen (Tango) I thought this was beautiful ... technically! They were stunning out there. But, I did not see the storyline they described during the rehearsal playback in this performance at all. I would have never guessed that there was supposed to be a story. To me this seemed like a showcase performance. Which isn't bad, but I am left a bit confused. I might have been better off not knowing that there were supposed to be playing secret lovers.

Mollee & Nathan (Hip Hop) I am not sure about this one actually. It was odd for me to see a type of period piece danced in hip hop. I didn't think the moves were hard hitting enough, but I am not sure if it was because they were moving so fast. It seemed sloppy to me. I couldn't get the feeling that they were supposed to be siblings either. I am just not sure if I liked it or not.

Noelle & Russell (Samba) There were parts of this performance that were really good, but there were also parts that were really awkward for me. I thought they gave a good effort because this style does not look easy to learn in such a short amount of time. I am nervous to hear what Mary Murphy does have to say about it though.

Ashleigh & Jakob (Lyrical Jazz) BEAUTIFUL! Sonya just makes every routine perfection in my eyes! The performance was so light and lovely by both of them. I got the connection and the happy feeling they were trying to portray. It was beautiful!

Ellenore & Ryan (Broadway) Fabulous performance by both of them. The choreography really leveraged his strength and manliness, and her quirkiness. I loved the detail with her feet doing the point and flex while in a split extension! He was completely in character the entire performance. I thing they have a great partnership too.

Kathryn & Legacy (Viennese Waltz) I think this is the first time since the competition started I have seen his lack of training, but he was a solid partner. He was constantly there for her in those difficult lifts. He really made her look gorgeous. She danced beautifully. Good effort on his part.

Victor & Karen (Hip Hop) It thought it was a great routine and well danced. There were a couple parts where they looked out of sync and I think he could have hit a bit harder. The one thing is that dancing with her as a partner the guy is always over shadowed. You can't take your eye off of her. She is such an incredible performer!

Mollee & Nathan (Cancan) I can't think of a better couple to perform this style. It needs that candy coated energy level. The choreography and style highlighted their strengths. The synchronized tumbling and high kicks were spectacular! I am not sure how she performed that with a bum ankle, so I am impressed. That was fun and entertaining!

Noelle & Russell (Contemporary) What an incredible change from the dance before to this one. It was amazing. I loved how they tumbled over, on and around each other. It was beautifully danced by both of them.

Ashleigh & Jakob (Cha Cha) After seeing her perform so many different styles it was GREAT to see her perform this. She owned that stage ... her confidence and sexuality was oozing. I have no idea how she does some of those moves and not break a heel! He was great too. Really held his own which can be hard to do with her in this style. It was different ballroom routine to use the prop, so it felt fresh and allowed character. Looks like the dancers had a lot of fun doing this performance and it was a great way to end the show!