Monday, November 23, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 23: Letter to Santa

I love Christmas and so does Princess D. We will watch the traditional holiday shows over and over and over again. We make gingerbread houses and decorate sugar cookies. We decorate the tree just after Thanksgiving (gotta love fake trees). And, we have her picture taken with Santa.

Last year she really understood the concept of asking Santa for a few gifts because she was good. To help Santa last year she brought him a page torn out of the Target toy catalog. This year she can write!

Letter to Santa

She is allowed to ask for 3 gifts and I knew this would make a long letter. My mom has a light table for tracing, so I wrote the letter out like Princess D wanted and had her trace the letters. She did a pretty good job!

proud of her letter

She was so proud of her letter and excited to show Santa. We showed up right when the mall opened to avoid the line (and the other kids spreading the H1N1 virus on to to Santa's suit). She patiently waited in line holding her letter. When it was her turn she confidently walked over to Santa and introduced herself. She sat on his lap and showed him her letter. I saw him nod his head and then they took their photo together.

showing Santa her wishlist

This weekend her dad will take her to mail her letter at Macy's. I guess Santa better get shopping!