Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SYTYCD Season 6 Episode 8

I can't believe this season is already coming to a close! I want it to start over as soon as this one ends. Bird, we HAVE to go to this tour when it comes to town!

Guess we should talk about tonight's show first!

REMINDER: This is just my personal, non-professional opinion made BEFORE the judges give their comments. Because Princess D doesn't go to bed until 9pm I often have to watch this show on DVR so I am behind all of you SYTYCD junkies, but and I don't alter what I write based on the judges comments.

Kathryn & Ryan (Samba) I loved how this started out! I loved the African feel style to this Latin dance. There were some bumps, but the connection was there that it didn't matter to me. It was gorgeous and what a fantastic ending!

Ellenore & Jacob (Broadway) Once again the beginning of this performance was the best part ... not to say that the rest was fantastic too. But, what a dynamic pair! They are technically perfect. This performance seemed all legs, leaps, kicks and more legs! It was hot!

Ashleigh & Russell (Lyrical Jazz) Out of the 3 couples I believe these two have grown the most throughout this season. They were perfectly in sync. The connection was there. The emotion was beautiful. This was stunning!

Ellenore & Ryan (Jazz) Staying in that character must have been difficult. The partnering by him was amazing. He was there for her the entire way along. But, I have to say that this performance totally showed her off. Not totally sure I loved it, but it was fascinating for sure.

Ashleigh & Jacob (Fox Trot) I couldn't take my eyes off of her! It is wonderful to see her do ballroom. She was stunning and smooth. As usual his leaps and kicks were spectacular ... but, this performance was all her for me.

Ellenore & Russell (Paso Doble) The beginning was FABULOUS! I think this is the first time they have been paired ... and WOW! The chemistry was amazing. I have to say that he is in it to win it! She was spectacular and simply hot. This was an incredible performance in my opinion!

Kathryn & Jacob (Contemporary) That was an incredible routine! Everything about their performance and the choreography blew me away. They were both technically superb. They had chemistry and were there for each other the entire way. That has to be the performance of the night.

Ashleigh & Ryan (Contemporary) It was incredible to see them perform together because you could see their love and trust for each other. Were they technically as superb as the previous pair ... no, but their relationship shined through. I thought Travis Wall choreographed the perfect routine for them. They have both grown so much as individual dancers considering their style is NOT contemporary. It was simply lovely.

Kathryn & Russell (Hip Hop) I could watch him dance this style and Krump for hours. Gawd, he is INCREDIBLE to watch! I thought she really held her own to him. They looked like they had so much fun together and partnered so well. They really had to trust each other in that entire performance considering that each trick or lift was not slow. That was great!

So, who will I be voting for? There are some technically perfect dancers ... Ellenore and Jacob. There is the emotionally moving dancers ... Ashleigh & Ryan. Then there are my favorite dancers ... Russell and Kathryn. There can only be one winner though and my vote will go to Russell! I have loved him since the beginning and I think he deserves this win.

Who do you think should win?