Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekly Challenge #3: The Gift

I remember quite a few of the Christmas gifts I have received over the years. My first Cabbage Patch Kid, pink Uggs, a jewelry box, a faux fur leather coat, foot spas, candles. But there is one gift that does stand out ...

One Christmas I had only one item on my wish list. Most of the time people didn't follow my wish list, so I really didn't think anything of it. On Christmas Day I unwrapped and became the owner of THREE George Foreman Grills! I got the basic version, the basic version in the color red, and the ultimate (which really didn't seem much different). I learned my lesson that year!

The thing is that none of these gifts bring back those warm and fuzzy Christmas memories when I think of them. It is the Christmas Eve dinner party I went to every year growing up that generates those feelings. My parents and I spent every Christmas Eve with a group of families we also spent Thanksgiving with.

I remember sitting at the kids table hearing our parents laughter over the clinking of wine glasses and silverware. I remember the smell and taste of the delicious food served. I remember the fire in the fireplace blazing while us kids played Santa handing out all of the gifts. I remember wading through knee deep wrapping paper and bows to hug someone in thanks for a gift. I remember giggling and blushing with my friends when the parents made dirty jokes. I remember how the carpet felt beneath my feet. I remember the twinkling Christmas lights as the night got later and people started saying good night. I remember how sleepy, but happy I felt as I rode home in the back of the car.

Like our traditional Thanksgiving trip, these Christmas Eve dinners ended, but the memory of those dinners is the gift I will always treasure most! (They provided food much yummier than the George Foreman Grill ever did!)