Monday, January 4, 2010

Writing Challenge #4: The Resolution

Every year I make a list of lofty resolutions. Every year I forget about them. 2009 was not any different.

I quit drinking coffee, but now my tea intake is questionable! I have been eating large amounts of broccoli, avocados and cucumbers this year. I need to keep increasing my fiber and decreasing the outrageous amount of chocolate I eat. I didn't lose any weight this year. Living with my mom, who is an amazing cook, has caused me to gain back the weight I lost. I did get a gym membership, so I plan on getting back into my workouts this year with my dad as my motivator.

Thanks to living with my parents I am able to spend more quality time with Princess D. I have started to prepare her for Kindergarten and broke her from the "ba ba". Living with my parents wiped my "home" resolutions off the list and fulfilled the "spend more time with family" resolution. I am enjoying living with them and so is D.

I have spent a lot more time nurturing my IRL and online friendships. Dinners, movies, shopping, and just catching up. Things I seemed to push aside during my marriage. The biggest difference is how much more open I am with them. That bond with my girlfriends is a wonderfully secure feeling.

I have a new challenge to my financial goals. I am being forced to pay alimony and child support throwing my budget off from what I had originally planned. I spent hours restructuring my budget to see where I could cut unnecessary expenses. By the end of this new year I should be able to breath again.

Do I have a list for 2010? Kind of. There is really only one "resolution" ... continue to work on the things that will give me the life I need:

Financial Security. Be disciplined in managing my budget and spending.

Stable Routine. Transition Princess D to Kindergarten and a new schedule.

Improved Health. Use my gym membership and cut down on daily chocolate consumption.

Unconditional Love. Be the best mom, girlfriend, daughter and friend I can be.

Creative Outlet. Keep writing from the heart and mastering my camera.

Here is to 2010 and remembering our resolutions!