Monday, January 25, 2010

Writing Challenge #7: Dialogue (or lack there of)

The dialogue always starts out with a simple "I want to talk to you ...".

I always respond with "Well you ...".

The dialogue becomes quickly escalated with neither one of us hearing each other. Him saying that he just wants to talk knowing that it is not a convenient time for me. Me saying "what is the point" and "why are we talking about this NOW?"

The dialogue gets lost in my yelling. Yelling to correct his assumptions. Yelling to defend my family. Yelling to protect my decisions. Yelling to make a point.

The dialogue gets lost in his anger, his insults and his accusations which are peppered with harsh curse words.

We can no longer have a dialogue. We both want to talk and neither of us wants to listen. I always end up throwing in the towel with me in the wrong. I hang up the phone battered and exhausted. Our "dialogue" ends up with another change to our marriage settlement agreement and more money wasted. I can't keep doing this with him.

It is time for a change on my end. I am adding a Tao belief to my 2010 resolutions: flows like water, reflects like a mirror, and responds like an echo. It is time to listen to my intuition, surroundings and energy.