Monday, March 8, 2010

A Magical Walk

A couple of weekends ago Miss and I found ourselves sans kids thanks to their visitation with their fathers. This is rare occasion so I took the opportunity to treat her with an early birthday present ... the Walk in Walt's Footsteps tour at Disneyland. For over a year now we have talked about going on this tour to learn more about the place we both love so much (and take lots of photos of course).

Guided Tour

I hear it all the time ... isn't Disneyland a lot smaller than Disney World? or don't you get bored of going there all the time?

My answers ... yes and why would I?

Disneyland is the original brain child of Walt Disney. Every little bit of detail was put into this park and personally overseen by him. His mark is on every inch, some obvious and some hidden.

Disney Coat of Arms

For some people this park is all about standing in line, getting on the ride, standing in the next line. Granted, many of the people visiting Disneyland are coming from far away and only have one day there. Every time Miss and I go to Disneyland (which is once a month) we see something we have never seen before ... a small pumpkin patch, a statue of the white rabbit, the yeti's footprints. So if you have the time I highly recommend you spend some of it searching for the tiny pixie-sized details.


This tour showed us even more, told us anecdotes and the vision behind the rides and displays. Disneyland represents how one man's wildest dreams can become a reality. More people need to see this park for what it really is and realize that even their dreams are possible too.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle